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Still thrusting again and again inside myself, I was building toward a climax, a big one.

She white knuckled the arms of the chair, moving so fast and slamming herself down so hard as the dildo thrust inside her that she was surprised it didn’t slip.

I want to fuck you standing up,He pulled me to my feet and placed an arm around my waist to steady me.

I looked down at her kneeling in front of me to see her sexy round ass with that black thong lying between her ass cheeks, and in one load roar I blast a huge load of cum in her mouth.

This only encouraged Claire to pick up the pace thrusting the vibe deeper and harder than ever before.

Your cock deserves no mercy, She whimpered, Your ass is getting enough fucking for two,She let out a loud grunt, mocking me with her eyes as she began to twirl, twist and rotate the cock inside my ass.

I felt my legs shaking and the feeling travelled up my tighs and to my cock, my balls more swollen than ever. CONTINUE READING >>>

The fucking my ass was getting was good, but I needed something harder than that. CONTINUE READING >>>

Soon I was going a little faster; erratic strokes that caused me meet every morsel of the faux cock with my thrusting hips. CONTINUE READING >>>

I thrust the shaft of the vibrator hard inside my pussy, gasping when the massager ran over my clit which was still somewhat sensitive. CONTINUE READING >>>

I had never taken so much in my ass before, but it just felt so good, and I couldn’t help but let out a loud wail. CONTINUE READING >>>

Still thrusting again and again inside myself, I was building toward a climax, a big one. CONTINUE READING >>>

She started a thrusting motion, each stroke she created bringing me closer to the edge. CONTINUE READING >>>

He grabbed the dildo and started to twist it, sliding it in and out of her clinching asshole with each thrust of his cock. CONTINUE READING >>>

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