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As Chelsea fucked me my lower body grinded against the silk sheets, the softness wrapping around my sensitive length, caressing me like a gentle pair of hands.

I thrust the shaft of the vibrator hard inside my pussy, gasping when the massager ran over my clit which was still somewhat sensitive.

This only encouraged Claire to pick up the pace thrusting the vibe deeper and harder than ever before.

His rock hardness, stretched my insides, causing another orgasm to build inside of me.

I let him cum in my mouth, as I fucked him, feeling him swell until he burst and then I sucked him dry.

Yeah, I had a bit of a crush on my roommate, but who wouldn’t? She was gorgeous, all tall with a round ass and big tits.

Lightly and delicately I worked three fingers inside my asshole while fucking my pussy with the dildo. CONTINUE READING >>>

He was so good with his cock, fucking me just right as he let the toy take care of me as well, and when he pushed into me again so he was balls deep and I was full of cock, I felt my entire body tremble. CONTINUE READING >>>

I wanted him to cum inside me and fill me up, and I was just begging for that warm feeling that came with him shooting his spunk inside of me. CONTINUE READING >>>

Nikki’s groaned caused Jasmine to rock faster and harder thrusting the toy deeper until the point where the back of their thighs were slapping together making the most delicious sounds. CONTINUE READING >>>

“Don’t stoooop!”, I screamed as liquid leaked from my penis, creating a wet spot on the sheet but without an orgasm. CONTINUE READING >>>

His rock hardness, stretched my insides, causing another orgasm to build inside of me. CONTINUE READING >>>

She white knuckled the arms of the chair, moving so fast and slamming herself down so hard as the dildo thrust inside her that she was surprised it didn’t slip. CONTINUE READING >>>

I felt my legs shaking and the feeling travelled up my tighs and to my cock, my balls more swollen than ever. CONTINUE READING >>>

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