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He rubbed at my clit in just the right way, causing me to fall over the edge, my legs shaking wildly as my orgasm hit me.

I had never taken so much in my ass before, but it just felt so good, and I couldn’t help but let out a loud wail.

But as I started to relax with the pleasure, he counted out “one… two… three…”, then thrust it into my ass as far as it would go.

She white knuckled the arms of the chair, moving so fast and slamming herself down so hard as the dildo thrust inside her that she was surprised it didn’t slip.

She did something with her hand, angling the cock as she thrusted it inside me and it hit my prostate, jerking my body.

He was so good with his cock, fucking me just right as he let the toy take care of me as well, and when he pushed into me again so he was balls deep and I was full of cock, I felt my entire body tremble.

He rode her hard until she went crashing into the bliss of a mindlessly intense orgasm. CONTINUE READING >>>

She tried her best to focus on what the different department heads were saying, but the only thing she could focus on was the growing build of her orgasm. CONTINUE READING >>>

I had never reached this height of orgasm before and it was glorious!John’s large hands circled around my own small waist, as we continued humping. CONTINUE READING >>>

He grabbed the dildo and started to twist it, sliding it in and out of her clinching asshole with each thrust of his cock. CONTINUE READING >>>

Nikki’s groaned caused Jasmine to rock faster and harder thrusting the toy deeper until the point where the back of their thighs were slapping together making the most delicious sounds. CONTINUE READING >>>

I thought about how awesome it would be if she was yelling my name while I spilled my cum all over her ass. CONTINUE READING >>>

His rock hardness, stretched my insides, causing another orgasm to build inside of me. CONTINUE READING >>>

I slipped my cock into her ass which was now a wet sloppy mess and started to fuck her, giving her shallow, slow thrusts. CONTINUE READING >>>

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