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Your cock deserves no mercy, She whimpered, Your ass is getting enough fucking for two,She let out a loud grunt, mocking me with her eyes as she began to twirl, twist and rotate the cock inside my ass.

Still thrusting again and again inside myself, I was building toward a climax, a big one.

I want to fuck you standing up,He pulled me to my feet and placed an arm around my waist to steady me.

She did something with her hand, angling the cock as she thrusted it inside me and it hit my prostate, jerking my body.

Yeah, I had a bit of a crush on my roommate, but who wouldn’t? She was gorgeous, all tall with a round ass and big tits.

He rode her hard until she went crashing into the bliss of a mindlessly intense orgasm.

He grabbed the dildo and started to twist it, sliding it in and out of her clinching asshole with each thrust of his cock. CONTINUE READING >>>

All I could do was whimper as Shawn fucked me, yanking at my restrained arms and legs even though it was no use. CONTINUE READING >>>

I couldn’t hold myself up all the way, but that just meant I was sticking my ass out more, making it easier for Tyler to pound my cunt. CONTINUE READING >>>

He was so good with his cock, fucking me just right as he let the toy take care of me as well, and when he pushed into me again so he was balls deep and I was full of cock, I felt my entire body tremble. CONTINUE READING >>>

She white knuckled the arms of the chair, moving so fast and slamming herself down so hard as the dildo thrust inside her that she was surprised it didn’t slip. CONTINUE READING >>>

I let him cum in my mouth, as I fucked him, feeling him swell until he burst and then I sucked him dry. CONTINUE READING >>>

“Ride me, girl,” She said, “I want to feel your wetness all around my cock and I want to see your face as you orgasm,”“Your wish is my command,” I moaned. CONTINUE READING >>>

He kept at it, thrusting in and out and then in circles as Mark lifted up his hips to meet Jason’s thrust. CONTINUE READING >>>

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