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When I can tell you’re cumming for your last time, that you’ve had enough, I’ll push the dildo as deep as it can go and fill you up with another round of sticky faux-cum.

He kept at it, thrusting in and out and then in circles as Mark lifted up his hips to meet Jason’s thrust.

I could feel it building fast and I knew I would cum any second, and it made me wonder where Sasha would let me cum.

He knew he was in for another mind blowing orgasm and that he was going to be a sore and exhausted the next day, but he didn’t care.

I wanted him to cum inside me and fill me up, and I was just begging for that warm feeling that came with him shooting his spunk inside of me.

I let him cum in my mouth, as I fucked him, feeling him swell until he burst and then I sucked him dry.

She did something with her hand, angling the cock as she thrusted it inside me and it hit my prostate, jerking my body. CONTINUE READING >>>

He grabbed the dildo and started to twist it, sliding it in and out of her clinching asshole with each thrust of his cock. CONTINUE READING >>>

Your cock deserves no mercy, She whimpered, Your ass is getting enough fucking for two,She let out a loud grunt, mocking me with her eyes as she began to twirl, twist and rotate the cock inside my ass. CONTINUE READING >>>

I thrust the shaft of the vibrator hard inside my pussy, gasping when the massager ran over my clit which was still somewhat sensitive. CONTINUE READING >>>

“I’m cumming Jessie, I’m fucking cumming,” I whimpered, my hips riding her thrusts as I felt my pussy clench around the probing wand. CONTINUE READING >>>

Still thrusting again and again inside myself, I was building toward a climax, a big one. CONTINUE READING >>>

Even as he came he kept thrusting into her, feeding more and more of his semen into her wanting ass. CONTINUE READING >>>

She started a thrusting motion, each stroke she created bringing me closer to the edge. CONTINUE READING >>>

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