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I couldn’t hold myself up all the way, but that just meant I was sticking my ass out more, making it easier for Tyler to pound my cunt.

I thrust the shaft of the vibrator hard inside my pussy, gasping when the massager ran over my clit which was still somewhat sensitive.

She white knuckled the arms of the chair, moving so fast and slamming herself down so hard as the dildo thrust inside her that she was surprised it didn’t slip.

I let out one final moan before going silent as I was hit harder than I had expected with that orgasm.

I wanted him to cum inside me and fill me up, and I was just begging for that warm feeling that came with him shooting his spunk inside of me.

His rock hardness, stretched my insides, causing another orgasm to build inside of me.

She started a thrusting motion, each stroke she created bringing me closer to the edge. CONTINUE READING >>>

I let him cum in my mouth, as I fucked him, feeling him swell until he burst and then I sucked him dry. CONTINUE READING >>>

He kept at it, thrusting in and out and then in circles as Mark lifted up his hips to meet Jason’s thrust. CONTINUE READING >>>

Soon I was going a little faster; erratic strokes that caused me meet every morsel of the faux cock with my thrusting hips. CONTINUE READING >>>

I felt my legs shaking and the feeling travelled up my tighs and to my cock, my balls more swollen than ever. CONTINUE READING >>>

He leaned down and took her clit between his lips, as he continued to thrust the toy inside her tight wet hole, sending her to Nirvana. CONTINUE READING >>>

He pounded her tight ass at full force to the point where she had to steady herself against the headboard to keep from slamming into it. CONTINUE READING >>>

She did something with her hand, angling the cock as she thrusted it inside me and it hit my prostate, jerking my body. CONTINUE READING >>>

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