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It felt so good his vision started to blur, but he still had enough straight in his head to ram back towards her and meet her thrusts.

But as I started to relax with the pleasure, he counted out “one… two… three…”, then thrust it into my ass as far as it would go.

This only encouraged Claire to pick up the pace thrusting the vibe deeper and harder than ever before.

I had never taken so much in my ass before, but it just felt so good, and I couldn’t help but let out a loud wail.

Soon I was going a little faster; erratic strokes that caused me meet every morsel of the faux cock with my thrusting hips.

When I can tell you’re cumming for your last time, that you’ve had enough, I’ll push the dildo as deep as it can go and fill you up with another round of sticky faux-cum.

I had never reached this height of orgasm before and it was glorious!John’s large hands circled around my own small waist, as we continued humping. CONTINUE READING >>>

I felt my legs shaking and the feeling travelled up my tighs and to my cock, my balls more swollen than ever. CONTINUE READING >>>

As Chelsea fucked me my lower body grinded against the silk sheets, the softness wrapping around my sensitive length, caressing me like a gentle pair of hands. CONTINUE READING >>>

”She thrust the toy as deep as it would go and held it there, letting the pulsing vibrations flow through her entire body. CONTINUE READING >>>

I couldn’t hold myself up all the way, but that just meant I was sticking my ass out more, making it easier for Tyler to pound my cunt. CONTINUE READING >>>

“Ride me, girl,” She said, “I want to feel your wetness all around my cock and I want to see your face as you orgasm,”“Your wish is my command,” I moaned. CONTINUE READING >>>

He kept at it, thrusting in and out and then in circles as Mark lifted up his hips to meet Jason’s thrust. CONTINUE READING >>>

The fucking my ass was getting was good, but I needed something harder than that. CONTINUE READING >>>

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