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I slipped my cock into her ass which was now a wet sloppy mess and started to fuck her, giving her shallow, slow thrusts.

Soon I was going a little faster; erratic strokes that caused me meet every morsel of the faux cock with my thrusting hips.

That said, there is a minor secondary benefit that it slightly reduces sensation on the penis which helps ensure the orgasm occurs anally and not from penile stimulation.

I could feel it building fast and I knew I would cum any second, and it made me wonder where Sasha would let me cum.

I had never reached this height of orgasm before and it was glorious!John’s large hands circled around my own small waist, as we continued humping.

“Finish,” she said, “I want to watch you make yourself cum hard while I watch you fuck your ass, nice and slow.

I let out one final moan before going silent as I was hit harder than I had expected with that orgasm. CONTINUE READING >>>

Your cock deserves no mercy, She whimpered, Your ass is getting enough fucking for two,She let out a loud grunt, mocking me with her eyes as she began to twirl, twist and rotate the cock inside my ass. CONTINUE READING >>>

She did something with her hand, angling the cock as she thrusted it inside me and it hit my prostate, jerking my body. CONTINUE READING >>>

I had never taken so much in my ass before, but it just felt so good, and I couldn’t help but let out a loud wail. CONTINUE READING >>>

I looked down at her kneeling in front of me to see her sexy round ass with that black thong lying between her ass cheeks, and in one load roar I blast a huge load of cum in her mouth. CONTINUE READING >>>

He rubbed at my clit in just the right way, causing me to fall over the edge, my legs shaking wildly as my orgasm hit me. CONTINUE READING >>>

She white knuckled the arms of the chair, moving so fast and slamming herself down so hard as the dildo thrust inside her that she was surprised it didn’t slip. CONTINUE READING >>>

I thrust the shaft of the vibrator hard inside my pussy, gasping when the massager ran over my clit which was still somewhat sensitive. CONTINUE READING >>>

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