How To Get Paid To Write Erotica

Get Paid to Write

Below is a summary of our revenue sharing terms.  The complete revenue sharing agreement supersedes this summary and is available here: REVENUE SHARE AGREEMENT.  

How much do I get paid for my stories?

From time to time, we may extend an option to get paid for your stories. If this option is available, the amount we're willing to pay will be shown in the author menu while writing or uploading a story. If we extended a commission option, we pay a percent of net product sales whenever a story leads to a merchant-confirmed sale (with partial credit if your story contributes!).  Net product sales is the total order value less taxes, shipping fees, returned orders, cancelled orders, and discounts.  A multi-touch attribution model will be used to decide which stories receive credit for sales.

If a story does not generate any sales for 365 consecutive days, it may remain on the site, but will become ineligible for commission (so be sure to promote your story through social media to keep it going!). Our partners sometimes change how we get paid.  This means we too need to reserve the right to modify this commission structure. We will do our best not to make changes unless necessary.

When and how do I get paid?  

We remit payment around the 25th day of each month. Commissions become available for withdrawal 90 days after product purchase (leaving time for returns). Authors must submit a request for payout via the account dashboard.  At least $10 must accrue for payment to be remitted. Payments will be made via Paypal or check.

Unpaid commissions will carry forward until the $10 threshold is met or the account is closed.   A W-9 form (W-8-BEN-E for international authors) is required before the first payment can be remitted.  For International recipients, a $7 fee will apply for each Paypal payment; US Bank Check is free.

How do I get started now?

Start earning almost immediately:

  • Register (takes about 30 seconds)

  • Enter a story about characters using a product in our portfolio

  • Link the story to the product URL

  • Publish  

It’s that simple.

What products are eligible for commissions?

Any & product URL is eligible.  Choose any active product on either merchant website.  Write a story and link it to the merchant’s product url.

What happens once I post a story to the site?

Hopefully, your story will start generating sales as quickly as possible - a win/win for everyone.  In practice, this is a fast-moving business where lots can happen. Products may become sold-out or discontinued, merchants may change commission structures, new stories may bubble to the top while others fall to the bottom.  

We employ a number of techniques to counteract some of the volatility and help grow.  As one example, if a story’s product is discontinued, we may swap it out with a product that is similar and available.

What content is NOT permitted in my stories?

  • Stories involving:

    • non-consenting or coercive sex

    • underage participants

    • beastiality

    • acts involving pain or violence

    • urination or defecation (scat).  

  • Use of real names or any information that may be used independently or in combination with other data to identify any person or group.

  • Affiliate links to products since they circumvent our revenue share model.  

  • Images, links, or computer code

  • Solicitations

  • Any information that may be used to circumvent the revenue share model

  • Non-original work.  

  • Bullying or any content that may be construed as antagonizing any person or group.

  • Any other content that the Company deems harmful to the site at our discretion.

Determination about whether a story is in breach of these terms is solely the discretion of the Company.  We reserve the right to moderate and remove content at our discretion.

How is content licensed?

When posting to the site, the author grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, unlimited license to the story, with the right to sublicense, copy, adapt, modify, reproduce, distribute, share, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, remove, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast, access, promote, view, hide, and otherwise use said content.  

At the author’s discretion, the author’s name or username may be displayed alongside the story to give creative credit.

Legal Stuff

Independent Contractor

The Parties agree that the Author shall be considered an Independent Contractor and not an Agent or Employee of the other Party. This Agreement does not constitute any obligation of the Company towards the Author to pay any applicable taxes as per governing law. Nothing in this agreement can, explicitly or implicitly, grant the Author any further Labor Law benefits arising from applicable law, unless explicitly stated herein.


The Author agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Company from and against any all third party claims, or other actions that could lead to losses by the Company, that are based upon the Authors’ Violation of Statutory Provisions in this respective Jurisdiction, Violation of this Contract, or Violation of any Third Party’s rights.

Dispute Resolution

If any dispute, controversy, or claim (herein referred to as “dispute”) arises out of or relates to this contract, or the breach thereof, the Author agrees to try in good faith to settle the dispute by direct negotiation with the Company for at least 60 days following the Company being provided written notice of a dispute.  If negotiation doesn’t resolve the dispute, the Author next agrees to try in good faith to settle the dispute with the Company by mediation administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Mediation Procedures. If mediation also fails to resolve the dispute, the Author agrees to have the dispute exclusively settled by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules. Arbitration shall be conducted in or near Norfolk County, MA.  The number of arbitrators shall be one. Commonwealth of Massachusetts law shall apply.