Beth gets husband to relax by using a Fleshlight on him

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“Happy birthday, big boy,” my wife, Beth, whispered into my ear.

She was pressed right up against my back as I sat on the end of the bed, her bare tits against my chest. I still had my shirt on, but I could just feel her hard nipples poking through the thin material, and I wanted nothing more than to reach around and grab.

“You gonna give me my present yet or what? You’ve been teasing me all day,” I said lowly.

My birthday had started off a little different. My birthdays usually began with my wife waking me up with a blow job, followed by some of her amazing homemade pancakes, followed by a nice, hard fuck as I bent her over the counter. It was a good routine. Today was different, and instead of a blowjob, I got a sweet, gentle kiss on the lips. I loved kissing my wife, but I really wanted her lips to be somewhere else. But Beth had promised me that the night would bring me something much more fun, and she wanted me to save up my cum. Her words, not mine.

“Hm, sorry,” she giggled, pulling me back so I was lying down on the bed. “Scoot up to the top. Get all nice and comfortablt. I’m sorry for teasing you all day, but I promise I’ll make it up to you right now.”

I did was I was told and quickly scrambled to the top, my head resting aganst the heap of soft pillows. She was completely nude, looking as beautiful as ever, and I eyed her body intently as she opened up the dressing table drawers at the end of the room. They were directly in front of the bed and as she bent over I got a good look at her pussy, all wet and smooth and perfect and fuck, she was a tease.

“Baby, come on. What do you have in there? A million dollars? It can’t be that good, just hurry up and get over here,” I whined, soiunding like a spoiled brat.

“I’m coming, sweetheart. Close your eyes first, though!” She said.

“Really? Babe, please.”

“Close your eyes!” She instructed again, this time sounding much more firm.

“Alright, fine,” I groaned, shutting my eyes. The view of her naked body had vanished and I couldn’t help but feel a little sad about it. The bed soon creaked though, and I could smell Beth’s perfume and I instinctively reached out to touch her. I heard her move some more and felt her in my lap, her bare pussy pressed against my jeans, my cock too hard and desperate for freedom. There was the sound of kissing, and I furpoowed my eyebrows, wondering what the fuck Beth was up to, because she certainly wasn’t kissing me.

My eyes snapped open and I came face to face with my wife, a fleshlight right by her mouth, her tongue sticking into it. I craned my head a little and saw that it wasn’t a pussy… My wife was licking the toy asshole, her tongue pushing into the hole with a whine.

“Holy shit,” I blurted out. “What are you doing?”

“Licking our little toy here,” she shrugged.

“But that… That’s for guys,” I blurted. I knew exactly what it was, but I certainly didn’t own one.

“Who says?” She giggled. “It’s not just for guys, plus I thought you’d like the idea of my licking another girl’s ass… Even if it isn’t a real one.”

“Fuck, you’re filthy,” I shook my head in shock.

“Just you wait,” she chuckled with a wink, handing me the toy. “What do you think? Doesn’t it look pretty?”

I held the fleshlight with raised eyebrows, looking at the tight, fake asshole in front of me. I pushed my thumb against the skin, surprised at how real it felt, smooth and soft. I ran my thumb up higher, pressing against the hole of it, dipping my thumb in and grunting. It felt just like a real asshole.

“Jesus,” I muttered, pulling my thumb out. “What do you wanna do with it?”

“Play with your cock, of course,” giggled my mouth. “Now get it out. I know you’ve been dying to be touched all day, birthday boy.”

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. I quickly pulled off my shirt and yanked down my black boxers, letting my hard cock pop out against my stomach, precum dripping down the sides. I was turned on as hell and had been waiting all do to have my wife touch me and I had no shame about my desperation.

Beth sat in between my legs before pressing both hands to my face, pulling me in for a long, deep kiss. My hands snuck around her waist and grunted when I pulled her against my, her hard nipples grazing against my skin. I knew she liked the feel so I pinched at her nipples, smirking against her lips as she let out a gasp.

“None of that. Tonight’s all about you,” she said, slapping my hands away from her.

“But I love your tits,” I pouted.

“You’ll love this even more,” she said, holding up the toy before placing back down on the bed. “Now just sit back and relax and let me make you feel good.”

With my hands behind my head Beth ducked down, her soft tongue circling around the tip of my cock. I let out a loud hiss at the feeling. I had been waiting for her mouth all day and I was finally getting it, finally getting what I had been craving for hours and hours. Beth gripped my cock in one hand, slapping it against her wet tongue before pressing gentle kisses all along the head of my cock. My red tip was leaking so much and she was just lapping all of it greedily, happily humming with my cock to her lips. A deep grunt left me when she ducked down and sucked at her balls, her pouty lips covering me in saliva. She went back to taking care of my cock and slid me inside of her, taking a few good inches into her mouth as her skilled hands worked the rest of me. She twisted both hands around my cock, a low moan leaving her, sending vibrations up and down my cock.

Ducking down, Beth held my cock upright with one hand while her tongue glided up from my balls all the way to my tip. She did that a few times, all the while I stared down at her with amazement. Finally, she licked me all the way up befpre wrapping her lips around and sinking her mouth onto my cock. I felt spit leaving her mouth, coating my shaft, probably getting me nice and wet and ready for our new toy. Fuck, I couldn’t wait to try it. I had always wanted one but figured Beth wouldn’t be a fan of it. Who would have known?

Beth left my cock with a pop and jacked me off, spitting on my tip a few times. “You ready to fuck that little asshole now?”

“Fuck yeah,” I groaned, running a hand through my hair. “I’m so fucking ready, baby. Please.”

With a smile Beth perked up, picking up the toy and sitting on my stomach. Her was right in my face and I cupped her warm cheeks, playing with them with a hum. As I massaged her perfect, round ass I felt her spit on my cock once more before she pressed the fake asshole at the tip of my cock.

“Get ready,” she sent me a look over her a shoulder, a devious smirk on her face.

I didn’t even have time to react, because a second later she pushed the fake ass onto my cock, sliding it down to it reached until it had completely consumed me. A loud grunt left my ears and I gripped Beth’s ass tighter, the pleasure quickly taking over me.

“Jesus Christ, that’s tight,” I managed to let out.

“Mmhm. Fuck it, baby. Fuck it,” encouraged Beth, holding it in place for me.

“Yeah? Want me to fuck it and pretend it’s your pretty little asshole?” I muttered, grasping her ass cheeks and spreading them apart. I eyed her tight, puckered hole, wishing I was fucking the real thing, but the next best thing was just as good.

“Yes, honey, do it!”

I held onto Beth’s hips as I pounded into the toy, pumping wildy into the perfectly tight hole. The toy’s textured felt amazing, like there were a million mouths and hands on my cock, all pleasing me perectly. I thrusted up into the toy hole faster and harder as I stared at my wife’s asshole, imagining that it was her that I was fucking. I couldn’t help but squeeze her cheeks harder, completely overhwlemed with the feeling of my cock being swallowed up.

Beth took over and began to slide the toy ass up and down my cock, and I sat back with a grin, eyes on her jiggling ass that bounced up and down with each movement she made. The load groans continued to leave my mouth as she played with my cock faster and harder, the fake asshole practically clinging to my cock, like it didn’t want to let me go.

My wife used both hands to wrap around the toy, pulling it all the way down so every inch of my cock was being pleasured. I was balls deep in the toy ass, my eyes fluttering shut and still squeezing at my wife’s ass. She twisted the toy and the ridges inside of it gently glided across my cock, sending pleasure thrgouhout my entire body.

“Holy shit…” I muttered.

“Mm, that feel good, babe? You like fucking that ass?”

“Fuck yeah, honey,” I grunted.

I could feel Beth start to bounce on my stomach, and I forced my eyes to open so I could take in the sight. She started to jack my cock off with the toy harder and faster, meeting the bouncing of her ass, and in my head I was inside of her asshole, filling her up with my stiff cock.

“Cum, baby, cum,” she chanted. “Tell me when you’re gonna cum.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, eyes rolling into the back of my head as one of her hands reached down to cup my balls. I felt my legs shaking and the feeling travelled up my tighs and to my cock, my balls more swollen than ever. “Gonna cum! Fuck, gonna cum.”

I felt myself exploded just as Beth pulled the toy off of me, and I was in too much shock to really care why she did it. She played with my cock some more, my tip pressed to the hole of the toy as she milked me, making sure my balls were totlally drained.

“Baby, what are you doing?” I asked, voice low.

Beth scooted off of me, her wet pussy coating my stomach in her juices, and she turned around with a cunning smile. She showed me the toy, the fake little asshole covered in all the cum I had been holding in all day.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

She laid down beside me, the fake hole right in her face, holding it like it was a microphone. I couldn’t believe how much spunk had come out of me. I was about to ask what Beth was up to again when she suddenly dipped her tongue, lapping up my load. She hummed as she licked up my cum, looking like she was licking at another’s girl’s asshole. I felt my cock twitch at the sight of her.

“You’re fucking filthy,” I muttered, shaking my head. “That’s why you didn’t want me to cum all day, huh? So I could cover it all in your little toy.”

Beth shrugged with a giggle, tongue dipping into the fake asshole as she moaned loudly. “Told you this toy isn’t just for guys.”

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