Black Teddy Lingerie Drives My Husband Insane

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I still wasn’t entirely sure why I bought it. It wasn’t his birthday or our anniversary or any kind of special day at all, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off it when I saw it in the shop. I don’t normally go too wild with lingerie, and my husband, Lucas always seemed perfectly okay with the usual stuff I bought, but I wanted something different, something I had never tried before.

The teddy I bought was black and was lined with some studs going up and down the side. Wearing it meant my nipples were completely exposed, as well as my pussy. There was a wide hole in between my thighs that gave me – and anyone else – easy access to my pussy. I had never worn anything that had me feeling so bare before, but as I stared at myself in the mirror, admiring the way it made my curves stand out, I suddenly felt very happy with my purchase.

Maybe I was just in a good mood. Or maybe I just wanted to tease Lucas with something he had never seen me in before, and I’m sure he didn’t expect me to wear something so out there and sexy. As I rubbed some lotion into my skin, waiting for my husband to get back from work, I smiled at the thought of him seeing me like this. I imagined him looking at me with a wide eyed stare and a smirk, just taking me in slowly. I imagined his hands all over me, unable to control himself. I couldn’t wait to see him.

I felt so sexy in my teddy, and as I laid down in the bed, I felt myself getting far too excited. My nipples were already so hard and I pinched at them, wishing it was Lucas with his skilled fingers. I stuck my fingers in my mouth, coating them with spit as I dipped them to my pussy. I ran my middle finger up and down my slit, letting the spit cover my hole before I pressed against my clit. A hiss left me as I rubbed at the little bud, wanting so desperately to have my husband touch me instead. I rubbed faster as I imagined him pounding into me, one of his hand tangled up in my hair while the other played with my clit.

“Oh, fuck,” I sighed, eagerly rubbing at my bud, my eyes fluttering shut as I sunk into my mattress. There was just something about the teddy that made me feel so sexy and confident, and I couldn’t help but reach up and use my other hand to pinch at my nipple. I bit my lip at the feeling, letting the sensations take over me, wanting to just cum already.

I had been waiting all day to put it on, and now that the soft feeling teddy was resting against my skin, cooling me down and making me feel hot at the same time, I was unable to control myself at all. I rubbed harder and faster, my mind stuck on Lucas and his thick cock and perfect hands and amazing mouth. I wanted him so bad. Needed him on top of me as he fucked me into the mattress.

It had been a while since I had touched myself. Lucas normally took such good care of me that there was no need to ever do it, but I felt so wild and eager for his cock that I had no other choice. My cheeks felt red as I played with my clit, my fast fingers getting me closer and closer to that moment.

A hand was suddenly placed on top of mine, and my eyes snapped open, a gasp leaving my mouth as my heart started beating out of my chest. I opened my eyes, coming face to face with my smirking husband, his normally bright, blue eyes looking all kinds of dark. Desire could be seen as clear as day on his face as his eyes took in the sight of my exposed body. He licked his lips, staring at my hard nipples and my wet, begging to be fucked pussy.

“Is this what you do when I go to work?” He asked. His voice sounded so deep and sexy and I found myself spreading my legs at the sound.

I shook my head slowly. “I just couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Lucas hummed, nodding at me before his eyes went to my body again. “And what’s this thing you got on?”

“I bought it today.”

“It’s very… Revealing,” he grinned.

“Do you like it?” I asked shyly.

“I love it, baby. You look so fuckin’ sexy,” he said, kneeling on the bed as he loosened his tie. His hands ran up and down my thighs, spreading my legs a little and exposing my pussy to him some more. He hissed at the sight of me, running a thumb up and down my wet slit and pressing a thumb to my clit. He rubbed at it lightly, watching me intently as I whimpered from his touch. “Looks like you started having fun without me, though.”

“I couldn’t help myself,” I said with a sheepish smile. “I just wanted you so bad.”

“You poor thing,” he pouted, rubbing at my clit harder. “Is this gonna satisfy your urges?”


Lucas lowered his body to the mattress, pulling me into a deep kiss before he rolled over. I was on top of him and pressed myself against his hardening cock, our lips still attached as I fumbled with his belt. I managed to get all his clothes off, and I stared down at his hard cock happily, excited to finally get what I’ve wanted all day. Wrapping my hands around him, Lucas let out a satisfied sigh, letting his head fall back onto the pillows. I crawled down his body and got myself settled between his legs, staring up at my husband with big, wide eyes.

I kept jacking him off as I stared at him and made sure to stick my ass further into the air. He didn’t really get to have a look at my ass before, and I wanted him to see how barely anything was covered. He bit his lip at the sight of me shaking my ass before I dipped down and licked at his balls, moaning at the taste of his skin against my tongue. My bare nipples rubbed against the soft sheets as I moved my head up and down, and I flattened my tongue, running it along the underside of Lucas’ cock.

“Fuck,” he said softly, his hands gripping my hair and guiding him to the tip of his cock. I was quick to follow his instructions, wrapping my lipstick covered lips around the head of him before sinking down inch by inch. It was always so hard to take him in my mouth, but I loved the feeling of having every bit of him inside me. I hollowed out my cheeks and sucked at him, letting my hands take care of the inches I couldn’t fit in my mouth. I watched as his hands left me, gripping his blond locks in frustration, his dark stare on me as I did my best to take care of him.

When I needed a breath I slowly slid my mouth up Lucas’ cock, making sure to feel every ridge and vein on him. When I got to the tip of him I pressed a soft, sweet kiss to the head of his cock, licking at the precum with a happy sigh. He always tasted so good.

“Baby, get up here,” Lucas grumbled. “Want you to ride my cock in that sexy little outfit.”

I smiled happily at Lucas before crawling back up his body, my hands resting against his hard chest. His fingers pinched at my bare nipples, rolling them in his fingers as I played with his cock for a second. I pressed the leaking, swollen, red tip against my wet hole, already feeling a sense of relief. Sinking down lower and lower, letting my soaked pussy take all of him in one slow movement, I let out a loud laugh, throwing my head back a little. It felt so good.

“Oh my god,” I moaned, feeling his big balls press against my clit. “So big.”

Lucas thrusted up and into me, starting things off with a slow, easy pace. I watched as his eyes stayed locked on my tits before falling down to my pussy, watching intently as he fucked me. I met his thrusts and grinded down onto him, little whimpers leaving my mouth as I felt my pussy being completely stretched. His hands cupped my ass, giving me a nice, hard spank and causing me to fall against his chest. My nipples rubbed against his bare chest, and Lucas kept his hands on my ass, digging into the skin with his nails. He used the grip he had on my ass to fuck into me harder, and he went from that slow pace to absolutely pounding into my pussy. With my face against the pillows, I let out scream after scream, my hands not knowing what to grab.

“Oh, Lucas, fuck,” I whined, my voice a little muffled. “Feels so good.”

“Yeah, baby? My cock feel good inside you? You like me filling you up this good?” He muttered into my ear. He pounded into me harder, his balls slapping against my skin loudly, and I was unable to focus at all. I was seeing white and stars all at the same time.

“Oh, fuck, Lucas,” I whimpered, unable to control my orgasm.

I came hard and loud, with Lucas’ name on my lips in a scream. He didn’t stop fucking me, and his relentless pounding had me wide mouthed and shocked. I felt my pussy clench around him, and he grunted in my ear, giving my ass a hard spank.

“Oh, baby, you wanna play that game? Huh?” He asked, gripping at my hair. He moved my head so we were face to face, our foreheads touching as he looked at me with a growl. “You wanna treat me like that even though I’m fucking you this good?”

I couldn’t help myself, though. My pussy just kept clenching and clenching, and each time Lucas would look at me with that dark stare. I whispered out an apology, but my orgasm still had control over me.

“You tryna get me to cum, huh? I almost came just looking at you. Seeing you in that sexy fucking outfit, playing with your sweet, little pussy. Fuck, you were tryna kill me,” Lucas murmured, his hands gripping my long, dark hair, making sure I was looking right at him.

He slammed into me with slow thrusts now, but they were hard and rough and hit my sweet spot at just the right angle. My mouth opened wide but no screams came out, and all I could do was let Lucas use my body. I wanted him to cum inside me and fill me up, and I was just begging for that warm feeling that came with him shooting his spunk inside of me.

“Take it,” groaned Lucas. “Take my cock.”

His filthy words and my bare, hard nipples against his chest sent me into heaven. I felt another orgasm hit me out of nowhere, and my entire body shook, my limbs flailing as I tried to find some steadiness. Lucas held onto me tighter, using my pussy some more, giving me a few more hard thrusts before I felt load after load of spunk filling up my pussy. I whimpered at the feeling, resting my head against Lucas’ chest as I did my best to calm down. Lucas’ skin felt all hot and sweaty, and so did mine, but I didn’t mind and laid against him happily.

“Oh, fuck,” he muttered, his hands wrapping around my waist. “You better be wearing that thing every time I get home from work.”

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