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“You finally came!” Sharon beamed at me immediately after she jerked the door of her apartment open. “I have been waiting for hours!”

I stared inquisitively at her for a second, wondering what she was up to. Sharon was unlike most women I had been with. She was daunting, adventurous and always up to something sinister. I managed to smile back at her and stepped into the house, noticing how dimly-lit it was.

“What happened to the lights?” I asked.

“Harry! Don’t be such a spoilsport!” She groaned behind me.

I rolled my eyes at her. Luckily, it was difficult for either of us to see each other’s face clearly. She hurried into the sitting room, unaware of my grimace while I trailed after her, finally noticing the beautifully arranged candles at the center of the room. I could perceive the pleasant smell of lavender while a soft baritone music echoed around the house.

“What sinister act are you up to again, Sharon?” I asked.

Sharon had walked over to the candles already. They were arranged around a large blanket that had been neatly placed in between. Lights from the multiple flames created an enthralling glow around the blanket and shone beautifully on Sharon’s white skin as she stepped onto the blanket and indicated that I should join her.

“This had better be fun,” I whispered under my breath, noticing that Sharon had ignored my previous question.

As soon as I stepped onto the blanket, Sharon held me by the belt and pulled me towards her. She flattened her melon-shaped breasts against my chest and let her fingers trail the edges of my thighs.

“We haven’t had our usual fun the past few weeks.” She whispered, staring into my eyes.

“Really?” I said, shaking my head. “We still had sex a few days ago.”

Sharon was already fondling with the buttons of my shirt. “Sex,” she said, “It is quite different from lovemaking now, is it not?”

I chuckled. “You have been reading those romantic magazines again, haven’t you?”

“Not really.” She said. “But I think there are lots of things that we haven’t done in a while.”

I tried to wrap my head around her response but I couldn’t get it. I often get confused around Sharon, especially when she muttered words as seductively as she did at that moment. She managed to get rid of my belt and was already rumpling my chest and lower abdomen with her soft palm.

“Okay?” I finally said. “What do you want?”

A wide grin immediately plastered over Sharon’s face.

“I will show you instead.” She said.

I felt a bit of fear creeping into my heart immediately as those words left her lips. Sharon left me alone and hurriedly crossed over the candles to a darker part of the room. I could hear the rustling of clothes and clinkering of bracelets as she shuffled through her closet. Eventually, she hurried towards me, holding in her hands a couple of sex toys.

I was dumbstruck.

“Pick whichever you fancy.” She said, holding her hands out to me.

I smiled anxiously at her, hoping that she would eventually chuckle and tell me she was joking. When she did none of that and only stared at me intently, I finally pointed to the mean-looking seven-inch dildo that was close to me. She plucked it out of the rest and handed it to me.

“Wise choice.” She winked.

Once again, she crossed over the candles and came back a second later, holding on to a small tube of lubricant.

“Pull off your shorts.” She said.

I was still a bit confused but I did as she asked. I pulled down my shorts and underpants at the same time, noticing how the shaft between my legs was fast growing hard. Sharon stared at it briefly and smiled. Instead of reaching for it though, she pointed to the rubber cock in my hand and said, “Give me that. And lie down. You don’t have to become all shaken because of me.”

“I…I…am not…oh fuck! Just have it and let’s get started.” I groaned, gritting my teeth as I handed the dildo back to her. I laid on my back and closed my eyes, waiting for whatever Sharon had in store for me.

I became more anxious when nothing happened. I had no idea what she was up to and with each passing second, I could feel my cock jolting expectantly. Thinking, I realized that Sharon had not attempted to take off her gown, making it obvious that whatever we were about to do, it would be more about me. This had me fluttering my eyes open unconsciously and I looked sideways to find Sharon kneeling close to me.

“Do you know what this is?” She asked, holding out the toy so I could see.

“Uh, a dildo?” I said, grinning nervously.

“Not just the toy.” She said. “Do you know what I am about to do to you with it.”

I shook my head and stared bleakly at her. Did she just saydo to you with it’?

“You have always liked it when I played with your butthole, Harry.” I heard her explain. “This time around, I don’t want to fondle with it with my fingers or my tongue. I think this would suffice just well to pleasure you beyond doubt.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. More so, I couldn’t believe how excited my body shuddered in response to the imagination of having the rubber cock deep inside my butthole. My cock throbbed anxiously while my balls clenched in anticipation.

“Will it hurt?” I asked.

“It won’t. Trust me.” Sharon said.

I nodded and Sharon understood that I was okay with it. I was a bit shy though and unable to say the words. I only watched as she confidently inched closer, dropped the dildo and lubricant tube beside me and gently grasped my thighs. She slowly widened them wide and placed her palms on my chest.

“Lie back.” She said. “Get comfortable.”

Again, I closed my eyes. I wondered why I was really doing it – always listening to Sharon and trying out various crazy things during sex. The last time, she had insisted that I push the entire length of my cock deep into her throat.

“Are you okay?” Sharon asked, her pleasant voice jolting me back to the present.

“Yes.” I said, fluttering my eyes open.

Sharon held the dildo once more. She reached for the lubricant and spread the content all over my lower abdomen. I shuddered briefly, feeling quite excited as the thick liquid brushed over my skin. It was cold and soothing. Sharon subsequently began to spread the liquid downward, reaching through the edges of my balls before getting to my butthole.

“Just relax.” She said.

I heaved a long sigh and controlled my heartbeat. At the same time, I felt Sharon’s fingers on my butthole. She caressed the outer edges, getting the liquid to evenly spread over the surface. She gently pushed the tip of her finger into the hole afterwards and let more of the liquid spill into my hole.

“Oh my God!” I moaned.

“What?” She whispered. “That feels cold and pleasant inside there, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” I panted.

She smiled at me and finally dropped the lubricant tube. She held on to the dildo afterwards, winked at me and spread the rest of the lubricant on her palm all over the long shaft.

“Spread your legs wider and breathe deeply.” She said.

I listened to every instruction and acted accordingly. Sharon inched closer and knelt in between my widely opened legs. She bent lower and finally pushed the tip of the solid rubber cock into my rectum.

“Oh Sharon.” I breathed, lost for words.

The cock slipped in easily, the walls of my butthole widening to accommodate its thrust. Sharon didn’t bother to push in its entire length. She glanced up to stare at me interestingly. She batted her eyelashes and reached down to draw circles around my penetrated butthole. My thighs shuddered violently, craving more.

Before I could groan out my desires at Sharon though, she gently placed her palm on my abdomen and once more began to push the cock deeper into my butthole. A gasp escaped my lips. I could feel the solid cock twirling and clutching to the walls of my hole. Sharon was deliberately massaging my abdomen too, increasing the sensitivity around my groin. My cock throbbed uncontrollably while electrifying jolts rushed through my spine.

“Take it out, Sharon. I can’t take it anymore.” I pleaded.

Sharon didn’t listen to a word that I had said. The entire length of the cock was only halfway in. She twisted her hand, allowing the rubber shaft to twirl faster into my hole. Without warning, she jerked the dildo out quickly then reinserted it, slowly pushing it halfway in.

“Yes. Deeper.” I said. “Push it in deeper.”

I had lost every shred of control that I had. The reluctance to feel every bit of pleasure that I could was gone too. I reached down and tried grasping Sharon’s hand to pull her in closer, but she slapped me. “I’m going to take care of you tonight,” she said. Just as I was about to pout, she unexpectedly plunged the anal dildo deep into my butthole and twisted. As soon as the entire length pushed into my hole, I gasped out loud, my vision slowly dwindling.

“Oh God. That…that…is awesome.” I grunted.

Sharon was giggling excitedly. I could feel her warm breath on my thighs as she inched closer again to caress my abdomen. Her fingers trailed upward too, drawing circles around my nipples. Eventually, I felt her fingers slipping through my lips to caress the insides of my mouth.

“I want more.” I whispered out of the blue. “I want more, Sharon.”

She nodded and pulled her fingers out of my mouth. They slid over my sweaty skin again, returning to my groin. Sharon’s index finger unconsciously grazed over the head of my cock and I grunted nervously, feeling breathless as my balls and cock throbbed excitedly at the same time.

I wasn’t through getting over the stimulation when I felt Sharon’s grip hard on the dildo again. She slowly pulled it out, pausing momentarily as she withdrew the rubber so I could get use to the feeling of being temporarily empty again. Eventually, my asshole clamped down as the dildo fully exited my rectum, allowing warm air to slither over the sphincter. I couldn’t help grinning like a child.

“Turn over onto your stomach.” Sharon told me. “We are just getting started.”

There was more? I enthusiastically rolled over as she reached for the lubricant tube again and squeezed more liquid over the rubber shaft. I knelt and plastered my chest to the bed sheets. My fingers gripped the soft fabric of the bed in preparation for Sharon to plunge the dildo back into my ass.  I could feel the insides of my hole clenching in anticipation.

Sharon finally got her attention back to me. She cupped my left butt with her left hand and slowly pushed the rubber cock back in. This time around, I was calmer. I let the sensations wash over me while I gasp steadily, loving the way my cock jerked happily as inches of the dildo gradually slid in.

“I am going to do a bit of pumping now.” Sharon said. “Brace yourself.”

I had no idea what she meant by “pumping,” but I held my breath.  “Close your eyes and relax your insides,” she said.  I closed my eyes, relaxed with a breath, then felt the huge rubber toy begin to move inside my ass. Sharon was slowly thrusting it in and out while she continuously squeezed my left butt.

“You like that baby?” She asked.

I glanced behind my shoulder and nodded, urging her on. She began to thrust faster, earning uncontrollable gasps from me. I bit into the pillow in front of me, unable to stop the rippling jolt that coursed through my spine. Sharon wasn’t just ramming the dildo in and out of my butthole; she was angling the anal dildo in various directions so each thrust could hit various areas of my rectum.

“There!” I cried when the tip of the dildo hit a spot that shuddered my entire thighs.

“Right there!” I screamed again, letting her know how much the spot excited me.

She took the cue. “Hold on,” she screamed.  She squeezed my butt harder and began to ram the cock deep and powerfully towards my abdomen region. She switched back to slow steady pumps before returning to deep, full length pounding.  My mind was facing and I could feel liquid leaking from my cock.   My whole body was shaking. I reached for my right butt cheek and pulled to give Sharon better access to my ass.  She paused for a moment.  I looked around and saw her change her grasp of the anal dildo such that we was holding it overhand, as if she was going to stab me. Oh my God… I trembled with anticipation.  The outer walls of my butthole tighten around the edges of the rubber cock.

That’s when Sharon began vigorous pumping like I had never seen before.

With beads of sweat on her body, she pounded the dildo full-length in and out.  Just as I felt the tip almost exit, I’d clamp down only to have her powerfully plunge the full-length back in to the hilt. She found a way to twirl the cock downwards, causing a drop of liquid to trickle out of my cock with each thrust of the anal tool.

“Don’t stoppp. Please don’t stop,” is all I could say as my whole body throbbed and I could feel a warm, tingling sensation emanating from the inside of my ass and spreading through my tailbone.

It was obvious Sharon had no such intentions of stopping. She had gotten so close; I could feel her breasts dangling over by butt. She stopped squeezing my butt and her free hand dipped underneath her gown, reaching for her dripping clit. I couldn’t see clearly what she was up to but it was obvious she was fingering herself at the same time that she rapidly dug the cock in and out of my butthole.

Her rapid thrust stopped suddenly a few seconds later. “What the fuckkkk!”  I screamed. I was on the edge and has left a saliva stain on the pillow from losing control as she was previously pounding me.  I stared behind my shoulder to find her smiling mischievously.

“What?” I panted.

“I thought I could tease you a little before you cum.” She said.

I wasn’t in the mood for games anymore! I wanted to groan out those words but Sharon didn’t look like she would care. She stood to her feet and slowly unstrapped her dress, allowing the silk material to drop to the floor. Seeing her butt naked got me harder than I already was. The view of her taut nipples automatically got me to stretch my legs, getting the walls of my butthole to tighten around the dildo that was still half-dipped into it.

Sharon crawled confidently towards me. She held my arms and slowly pushed me towards the right until I was resting on my elbow and thigh. She sprawled in front of me, angling her body in the same position and began to fondle her breasts while I watched.

“You are the devil’s incarnate!” I hissed at her.

She laughed erratically as she inched closer and shifted downward while reaching between my legs for the dildo. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her breasts. I couldn’t stop the slow movement that had begun between my legs either. Sharon reached for my hand and guided it to her cunt too. She let my palm graze over her aroused clit and dripping pussy while she began to jiggle the dildo, stretching the edges of my butthole.

My thighs quivered as a result. I raised a leg, hanging it as high as possible in my arms. This gave the dildo more room to enter my hole. It also gave Sharon ample opportunity to wiggle the cock sideways while she began deep thrusting into my butthole. Doing both at the same time was the height of it; my heartbeat became rapid and I felt a surge of adrenaline. I could feel my legs quivering violently while the outer edges of my butthole flapped open and shut as I was being deep pumped nonstop.

“I’m cumming!” I yelled at Sharon.

“Oh, no you’re not!” Sharon chuckled as she abruptly stopped.

“Don’t stoooop!”, I screamed as liquid leaked from my penis, creating a wet spot on the sheet but without an orgasm.

“Last time,” Sharon said.

Suddenly, she began to resume stroking the inside of my butthole fast, reaching deeper with the dildo and getting my balls to tighten uncontrollably. My cock jerked erratically while my fingers clutched the bedsheets. I wanted more but my body had had enough. I panted heavily and began crying out for Sharon to pound me!  Sharon was driving me towards an irredeemable climax.

“Oh God…I…I!”

I was unable to warn Sharon before my cock began throbbing heavily, spilling cum all over the bedsheets and her stomach. My legs gave way at the same time and my entire body jerked forward, sprawling over hers. Sharon finally pulled the dildo fully out of my asshole. I was panting hard and my head had wedged in between her melon-sized breasts in the middle of my climax.

“Seems like someone enjoyed every bit of today’s act.” Sharon said, stroking my hair with her fingers.

There was no denying the fact, I thought to myself – I had been pleasured beyond doubt.

“Can we do this again sometime soon?” Sharon grinned.

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