Female Wears Thong Bodysuit to Surprise Boyfriend

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Alex rang Rachel’s bell at 10a.m. on the dot. He knew how much she hated being late, even for simple things like a trip to the mall. She opened the door, squinted at the sunlight on Alex’s back. Her long dark hair fell over her shoulders. A form-fitting white top traced the outline of her breasts and a pair of jean shorts hung snuggly on her hips.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

She slung her purse over her shoulder and stepped onto the porch. “Sure, I’m ready.”

It wasn’t until she walked past him, that the low dip of the back of her shirt made him realize what she was really wearing. A spandex cotton thong bodysuit, that highlighted all of her curves and made her ass look unforgettable. It was Alex’s favorite lingerie.  The thong showed off her ass perfectly.

Already, all thought of going shopping rushed from his mind. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck. Perhaps they could go shopping later after he’d completely worn her out. Who was he kidding, by the time he was done, she wouldn’t be able to walk straight.

She worked her way out of his grip. “What are you doing?”

He folded his arms over his chest. “Me? What are you doing? Why are you wearing that?”

She pulled the strap of her bodysuit. “This old thing? Don’t tell me my top is what has you all riled it. I’m barely showing any skin.”

He growled. “We both know exactly what under those shorts. Now I ask again, if you won’t want to be thrown down and taken in the grass, why would you put that on?”

Rachel laughed as she skipped down the stairs two at a time. “Don’t be silly. Now hurry up, I have a tight schedule and you’re making me late.”

Alex watched her in disbelief. Was she really going to tease him like that? Make him spend an entire day walking around a mall with a boner that pained him? What a cruel tease!

He walked over to the car and pulled the door open for her. She got in and they headed over to the mall.

The entire trip was torture. Alex had to keep adjusting himself so that no one would notice he was rock hard. He couldn’t think of anything but getting his girlfriend out of those shorts while her mind seemed to be on everything else.

“What do you think of those?” She said pointing at wall hangings.

“They are blue,” he said with little enthusiasm.

 He didn’t care if they pretty or not. He wouldn’t be looking at her walls. He wanted to look at her—naked and writhing beneath him. He was a good boyfriend. He always texted back as soon as he could. He took her anywhere she wanted to go and they did anything she wanted to do. For her to get him so hot and then deny him, it was cruel. Why would she do that?

She placed a hand on his chest and stood on tip toes to whisper in his ear. “Hang in there my sweet, when we get home I’ll do all the dirty little things you like.”

Now he stared at her, his eyes smoldering. She knew exactly what she was doing to him and he could tell from the smirk on her lips that she was doing it on purpose. She was getting some sort of sadistic pleasure from his torment. This was all a game to her.

On one level that irritated him. He didn’t like being toyed with, but at the same time it also excited him. He felt like an animal on the prowl. His every sense was honed in on her. Sooner or later she would be captured and she’d pay dearly for her little game. He’d take it out on her in so many orgasms that her pussy ached to think about sex. In the end, whatever this game she had decided to play was. He’d be the one to win it.

Watching her shoe shop was even more difficult than watching her buy things for her house. Seeing her walk back and forth in tall red heels was making all kinds of ideas go through his head. Hell, he wanted to fuck her in nothing but those heels. Not tonight, no that was for the bodysuit, but perhaps on another night.

Then she started trying on clothes and it took all his self-restraint not to push his way into that dressing room and take her against the mirror. The store clerk must have sensed his desire because the crotchety old woman seemed to pay extra attention to him. Every time he looked over, her dark eyes peered back as if she could read his mind and knew his every intention.

After new clothes, they grabbed pretzels and lemonade and strolled through the mall together. Finally, after buying some books, Rachel had finished all her shopping. Alex walked to the parking lot with five bags on each arm. He couldn’t help but smile to himself. His girl could certainly shop. She prided herself on how much she could get by spending as little as possible.

When they got back to her place, they barely crossed the threshold before he was on her. He kicked the door closed and dropped her bags in the doorway, then he made his way over to her and kissed her hard.

She closed her eyes, returning his kiss. Her body melting against his. He loved the way she reacted to him. So yielding, at least when she wanted to be. She broke his kiss and said, “I still need to put away—”

He interrupted her with another kiss. He’d been with her the entire day, nothing in her bags was perishable. “It can wait,” he said with an intensity in his tone that he didn’t intend. He just wanted her so badly, so deeply that it was making him lose his senses.

She stared back at him, nodding. He went for the button on her shorts, slipping them down her hips.

He guided her towards the stairs as they kissed frantically. But he didn’t think he could make it to the top. He waited so long and he was so hard he felt as though he was about to bust. He needed her then and there.

He unzipped his fly and pushed her back against the stairs taking her right there. He pushed aside her bodysuit and with a single trust he was inside her. Usually he would take his time, kissing and caressing every inch of her. Making sure she was completely aroused and ready for him.

But this time he couldn’t wait. He had to have her then and there. He needed her. And now that he was buried inside her to the hilt he felt the first bit of peace he’d felt all day. He thought about how she teased and taunted him the entire day. He thought about how she was doing it on purpose. Some sort of powerplay. And so he rammed her good and hard, right into the steps.

She didn’t seem to mind though. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist. She threw her head back and moaned with each thrust. And while he hadn’t taken the time to prepare her, she was already dripping wet when he thrust into her. Maybe in her own way she’d been fighting her own desires the entire day too.

The thought of that amplified his desire. Imagining her the entire day soaking through her bodysuit, her wet pussy begging to be filled by his rock hard cock. “You want this?” he asked. “You want my cock?”

“Oh yes,” she moaned, moving her hips to smash up against him as he thrust.

He kissed her neck, but could barely focus. He was nothing but raw desire at that point. The only part of his body that mattered was his steel rod plunging into her depths. He felt like he was falling into her. Falling so hard and deep that he’d never be found again. It was hopeless, he was hers. Utterly and completely. Even as he laid claim to her body he knew that to be true.

That’s why his desire had been driving him mad. He knew what a disadvantage he was at, wanting a woman mind, body and soul. But now he had her. He had her pinned beneath him. He was the source of her pain as the stairs bit into her back and her pleasure as he trust inside her. For this brief moment, things were in balance. But soon, he’d been completely hers again. 

He could feel his balls tightening. He knew he didn’t have long, so he made the best of each moment as he pumped inside her, hard and fast. But far too soon, his body betrayed him and with a deep groan he slammed into her one last time pumping her full of his seed. He felt like he’d never stop coming. That all of him would pour out of him and into her and on some level he was okay with that.

But he did finish. He caught himself, being careful not to collapse on her as they lay on the stairs. She looked up at him with wide eyes. “Wow…” was all she said.

He pulled his softening cock out of her and offered her his hand. “Your fault,” he said teasingly.

She took his hand, chuckling. “If that’s what happens when things are my fault, I suppose I’ll have to make a lot more things my fault then.”

He shook his head. He realized he’d probably just bought himself more days of relentless teasing for her pleasure. 

They went up to her bedroom and crawled in bed together. He stripped naked, but she kept on the bodysuit. She turned her back to him, cuddling against his chest.

Her bare flesh pressed against him, while his fingers danced along the fabric of the bodysuit. He rested his chin on her head and his cock was nestled between her ass cheeks. The back of the bodysuit was a thong leaving very little to the imagination.

After a while, the more she rubbed up against him, the more aroused he became and he was soon ready for a round two. His cock stood at full attention. Precum leaked from the tip against the smooth skin of her ass.

She rolled over and kissed him. Her tongue slipping past his lips and entwining with his. As they kissed, his hands traced her body. He took one of her gorgeous globes in hand, squeezing it hard. She began making her way down his body, kissing and licking as she went.

He rolled onto his back and pulled her on top of him in a sixty-nine position. She wrapped her fingers around his throbbing hard cock and slowly jerked it as her tongue ran across the tip. He pushed aside her bodysuit, exposing her pussy’s sexy pink lips and pressed his mouth against her clit.

She moaned as she took him into her mouth, the head of his cock pressing against the back of her throat as she bobbed up and down.

He licked his fingers and then pressed his index against the tight bud of her ass as he continued to suck on her clit.

She rolled her body against him, grinding her pussy into his face and then pulling away to thrust against the finger trying to make its way into her ass.

As he lapped at her sweet juices, he got one finger into her ass and then managed to follow it up with another, slowly stretching her tight hole. The sight of her beautiful body above his was hypnotic. He could look at her ass all day, especially when she wore that bodysuit. It accentuated every curve of her body leaving him enthralled.

He worked in yet another finger, as his tongue danced across her pussy. She responded with an increased enthusiasm as she sucked his cock. Her tongue ran the length of his shaft more quickly. She jerked him harder. Then she bobbed up and down on his cock until eventually the head popped past her throat.

He went wide-eyed. She’d never done that before. He wondered if it had happened on accident and if she’d stop. He hoped she wouldn’t because he’d never felt anything like it before. The sensations she was causing made his eyes roll back into his head and his toes curl. He held his breath waiting to see if she would go further.

He almost growled in triumph when she took another inch of his cock down her throat. His hips lifted from the bed as he tried to feed her more of his throbbing cock. She took it eagerly, her head going all the way down as she sucked him until eventually her nose was against his ball sac.

He didn’t know when she learned how to do that, but now was not the time for questions. There was no way he was looking this gift horse in the mouth. Instead he was determined to simply close his eyes and enjoy the pleasure she was milking from his cock.

At the same time, he started tongue fucking her hole, wanting to give her some semblance of the bliss he was now feeling. He also kept working his fingers in and out of her ass. He had plans, he wanted to bend her over and take that beautiful ass as he watched her move in her sexy spandex bodysuit. And he knew the best way to make sure that happened, and even more importantly make sure it happened again after the next time was to ensure that everything he did felt amazingly good. So he happily took the extra time to get her ready.

The way Rachel was working his cock was making his world spin. He could hardly focus as that warm mouth slid up and down the length of his shaft. His breath caught as she flicked her tongue across the tip making him tremble.

He wanted to come so badly, right down her throat. He imagined her slurping down his cum and drinking every drop. That made his cock pulsate. That steel rod seemed so heated that it would soon go off like a volcano.

But then he remembered how badly he wanted to fuck her in the ass. The sight of her bent over in front of him while wearing that bodysuit was the most seductive thing in all the world. He loved looking at it, and if he came right then he’d miss his opportunity.

So he did one of the hardest things he’d ever done and he pulled her off his cock.

She sat up on his stomach leaving his cock glistening and throbbing. It pointed in her direction as if it was seeking the warmth it had just known.

He rolled her over onto her hands and knees. She stretched like a cat in front of him, lengthening her back and looking so erotic he almost came then and there making all his efforts a waste.

He tried to regain control of himself as he grabbed some lube from her nightstand and began to coat his fingers. When he pushed his lubed fingers inside of her, she trembled from the cold. She looked so gorgeous in this position. So open and vulnerable. It made resisting her long enough to get her ready extremely hard.

He added a bit more lube and began working his fingers in and out of her ass. She was already looser than normal because he’d started when he was eating her out. Now he opened and closed his fingers in order to stretch her to her limits.

He was rather large, so he had to be careful when it came to anal. She buried her face in her pillow, raising her ass higher in the air, practically purring at his touch. Once he was satisfied that she was good and ready, he took a glob of the lube and coated his cock.

Then he positioned himself at her puckered hole and slowly began to thrust inside her. She felt so wonderfully tight. His fingers traced across her bare back as his cock vanished inch by inch into her tight asshole. Once he was in to the hilt, he stayed put for a moment to give her time to adjust.

Waiting was hard. He was so aroused and so close that every moment was a torment. If he could just take her full force he knew he’d be done within minutes.

But instead, he did his best to take things nice and slow. He’d pull out just a bit before thrusting back in. The movement would make her jerk forward and gasp.

Even her sounds of shock were sexy. He was completely done in by her. 

As she relaxed around him, he began to pick up speed. He’d thrust a little bit harder each time until he was rocking steadily against her ass.

He reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her long dark hard making her back arch as he rammed her. In the bodysuit, it looked as though she was made for that position.

With his desire being turned up to eleven, he found himself fucking her harder and faster and unable to do otherwise.

His steady thrusts turned into hardcore fucking to the point where he had to release her hair and grab her hips. He knew she was feeling good because she thrust back with each of his forward thrusts.

“Oh God, I’m coming,” she warned.

Just from him fucking her in the ass. Playing with her pussy must have gotten her close, now he was on the verge of taking her the rest of the way with his cock.

“Come for me, sweetheart,” he pounded her at full speed.

She choked out cries of pleasure and her ass tightened around his cock again and again as her orgasm ripped through her.

He didn’t slow one bit. The increased pressure of her clenching ass was enough to send him over the edge.

He rammed into her one last time as jet after jet of seed shot from his cock, filling her tight hole. Even as he came he kept thrusting into her, feeding more and more of his semen into her wanting ass.

“Oh fuck!” he cried out when he had spent the last drop and felt completely drained.

He collapsed on the bed next to her. She laid down and looked over to him, a wicked smile spread across her lips.

“What?” he asked, not understanding the reason for that glint in her eye.

“At first I felt guilty about teasing you an entire day, but if this is your reaction then I think I’m going to have to tease you every day from now on.”

Alex tried to imagine what that would be like. A hellscape of sexual longing where his desires built until the point where his balls ached and he was willing to do anything for release. Oh hell no! “You better not! If you do, I’ll have to find ways of getting you back.”

As if she was ignoring him entirely, she tapped her chin. “Hmmmm, I wonder what I should wear tomorrow. Perhaps some black lace, or maybe silk. What do you think? What would drive you completely mental?”

Alex crawled up on his knees, looking down at her. He wasn’t having it. “You better not. If I spend every day with a raging hard-on there will be consequences!”

“Like what?” she asked batting her eyes as if she were innocent.

He began to tickle her. “Like this.”

She turned and twisted beneath him. She laughed as she tried to escape, but he wasn’t having it. He used his weight to hold her in place and continued on. “Now promise you will not do this to me every day.”

She shook her head.

“Does that mean you won’t do it, or you refuse to promise?” He asked still tickling her.

“The latter. Stop. I’m going to pee.” She giggled and twisted.

Alex didn’t show her a drop of mercy, after all, she hadn’t showed him one bit when she made him go through the mall while all he could think of was how badly he wanted to fuck her. “Not my bed,” he argued.

“Fine, fine. I won’t torment you every day. You win. Now please stop. I really am about to pee myself.”

Alex released her. “Good.” The idea of being tortured every day with sexy clothes and an endless boner seemed like both and fantasy and a nightmare and he had no desire to test things out to see what measure it was of each. 

She climbed out the bed and headed to the bathroom. At the door she turned and looked at him. “I’ll just do it every other day.” She slammed the bathroom door closed before he could respond.

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