First Time Using Bed Restraints

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We had never used anything like it before.

As I stared up at my boyfriend, a devious, wide grin on his face, I couldn’t help but laugh. I didn’t even know where he bought it from, but in his hands were some black restraints. They seemed never ending, and I raised my eyebrow at him when his smirk wouldn’t fade.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I laughed.

“What? You said you wanted to try something different. You said you wanted to get all tied up,” Shawn shrugged.

“I didn’t think you’d buy something so quickly.”

“What can I say? I’m a good boyfriend,” he winked.

“Okay,” I laughed. “I’m sure that’s the reason you bought it. How do you even set that thing up? It looks complicated.”

Shawn shook his head at me before going around the side of the mattress. “No, it’s easy. You just slide it underneath. Here, you do the other side,” he instructed.

I followed his movements, tucking the restraints under the mattress, surprised at how easy it was to set the thing up. When I was finished adjusting the black straps a little, I felt Shawn come up behind me, his hands on my shoulders as he squeezed them a little.

“You wanna go first?” He asked, his voice low as his soft lips grazed my skin. “You’d look so good all tied up.”

He pressed himself further into me, his cock hardening as his hands ran down from my shoulders to the hem of my short dress. His hands pulled at the material, his fingers running up and down my bare thighs, inching closer and closer towards my covered up pussy.

“Shawn,” I whimpered, my head falling back onto one of his broad shoulders.

“Yeah, baby?” He asked.

“Please,” I begged, grabbing at his hands and pulling them towards my pussy. I just wanted his hands on me already.

“Ooh, don’t do that,” he chuckled deeply, spinning me around in his arms. He looked at my flushed cheeks and wide eyed stare with a grin, his tongue sticking out to lick at his lips. “That’s why we need that thing. You just can’t keep your hands to yourself, hm?”

“It’s not my fault,” I pouted at him. “Please. Don’t make me beg for it.”

“Oh, but that’s exactly what I want,” he laughed at my pathetic words. “I want you whimpering and crying out underneath me, unable to move, unable to go anywhere… Fuck, that’s exactly what I want,” he groaned, his hands playing with the hem of my dress again. Thankfully, he pulled it up this time, revealing my bare tits to him. He hissed and bent down, his soft lips wrapping around my right nipple, sucking at the bud as his free hand played with the other one, pinching at it hard.

“Oh, Shawn,” I cried out, my hands reaching around him and dragging up and down his back. He sucked on my nipple hard, making sure my skin was going to go all red and bruised. As good as it felt, I needed much, much more, and I rested my hands on his head, pulling him off me. “Please. I want your mouth on me. And your fingers and your cock and-”

“What did I just tell you earlier?” He growled at me. “Hm? You have no self-control, honey. Get on the bed,” he said, nodding towards the mattress behind us.

I nodded obediently and sat down, the comfortable mattress underneath my hands as I crawled up it, my head resting against the bunch of pillows. Shawn was at the end of the mattress, pulling his shirt over his hand and revealing his toned body, and he was just as quick to pull down the thick material of his shorts. In just his boxers he leaned over my body, his breath on my neck as he grabbed at my hands, placing both of them either side of my head. He kissed at my wrists before he let go of one, using both of his hands to put on the first restraint. He placed the black material around my wrist, tightening it up before sending me a look.

“It’s okay,” I assured him, letting him know it wasn’t too tight or painful.

He kissed me and then went to work on the other hand, his eyes only leaving me for a second to make sure my wrist was tied in properly.

“There we go,” he said, leaning back and sitting up on his knees as he looked at me. “Now you can’t go do anything with those greedy little hands.”

“But… I just want you to touch me,” I pouted.

“I am touching you,” Shawn said with a grin, his fingers gently grazing my stomach.

“Not there,” I whined.

“Where then? Where do you want me touch you?”

“You know where!” I snapped at him.

“Here? Want me to touch you here?” Asked Shawn, his hands digging into my thighs.

He kneaded at the skin, his eyes stuck on mine as he sent me a look full of lust. Shawn was far too good at teasing me.

“No, higher,” I begged, voice low.

Smirking at me, Shawn’s hands went up higher, his nails dragging along my warm skin and stopping just above my covered up pussy. I could feel how soaked I was, and Shawn hadn’t even touched me properly yet, but I just knew he was going to laugh at me and my desperation.

“You’re so wet already, and all I’ve done is tease you,” Shawn said, his eyes staring at my panties.

His thumb pressed against my covered up clit, rubbing at it through the thin, wet material of my red underwear, my eyes shutting at some sense of relief. I wanted so badly to reach down and grab at his head, pulling his face into my pussy, but all I could do was lay there as Shawn had all the control.

“How badly do you want me?” He asked, eyes still stuck on my panties.

“So, so badly. Please, Shawn. Please touch me. You can leave me tied up the whole time, I don’t care, I just need your hands on me. I need your cock. I need all of you. Please,” I whimpered, sounding all kinds of pathetic, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. I needed my boyfriend and I needed him bad.

“Poor baby,” Shawn said with a pout, tilting his head at me.

With slow hands he removed his boxers, and I groaned at the sight, licking my lips at his thick, long cock. I wanted it in my mouth and around my lips and pressed tightly against my body, but I was left with the only thing I could do with my hands tied up: staring.

“You look hypnotised,” chuckled Shawn, watching me as I intently eyed his cock. “Is this what you want? You want this cock?’ He asked, crawling closer to me. With my legs spread wide, he rested one of his hands on my inner thighs, the other grasping his cock and slapping it against my wet, begging clit.

The impact of it made me cry out, and I arched my back, my hands pulling at the restraints, frantically wanting to feel more of him. Shawn just smirked at me, running the tip of his leaking cock up and down my soaked slit, making sure not to get too close to my tight hole. My legs were kicking out a little, feeling too frisky and fidgety, and Shawn raised his eyebrows at the scene.

“Hm. Don’t want you kicking me in the face now, do we?” He asked, getting up and walking to the end of the bed.

My eyes stayed on his cock, watching as it twitched and bobbed up and down as he walked, and I bit my lip in anticipation. It wasn’t fair for him to touch me in such a way and then up and leave.

“Get back here,” I said, trying to sound demanding, but even I could admit my voice was all kinds of pathetic. “Shawn, get back here and finish what you started.”

“Have some self-control, baby,” said Shawn, his fingers wrapping around one of my ankles. He kissed at the skin there before he wrapped the other restraint around me, and I couldn’t even find it in me to tell him to stop. I just wanted his cock inside of me already, and if that meant being completely tied up, then so be it. Just as easily, he got the other ankle all strapped up, and he look at me with a small smile. “Look at you being all obedient for me.”

“I’m desperate,” I admitted.

“I can tell,” chuckled Shawn, crawling back on the bed.

He straddled me, his cock resting on my stomach as he lowered himself further down the bed. With his gaze on me he finally pressed the tip of his cock against my absolutely soaked hole, and just that was enough to cause me to cry out his name. His hands stayed by my head, hovering above me with his dark gaze, pushing his cock further and further into me. Soon he was balls deep in me, rotating his hips and swivelling while his hands dove into my hair. He gripped my locks and brought me into a kiss, and I wanted so desperately to reach out and kiss him. As if on instinct, I still tried to touch him, letting out a defeated whimper when the restraints held me back. He chuckled into the kiss, looking far too pleased with himself as he slid himself out of me, just the tip of his leaking cock in my pussy.

“Feels so good,” I said, voice low.

“Mm, I know, honey,” he groaned, sinking his cock back into me, letting me feel every single inch of his veiny cock.

I wanted to wrap my legs around him, but again I had no choice but to stay in the bed, my legs spread wide and arms above my head. Shawn hands cupped my cheeks as we kissed deeply, thrusting into me with well-placed movements. A grunt would leave his mouth every time his swollen balls would slap against my ass, and soon my eyes starting rolling into my head. I was gonna cum, and normally when I did I would grasp at Shawn or the blankets or anything, but now all I could do was let my orgasm take control of me.

“So close,” I whispered against Shawn’s lips. “Gonna cum.”

Shawn grunted into my ear, his fingers pressing against my cheeks harder as his thrusting became harder. He began pounding into me, picking up the pace as his dark eyes bore into mine.

“Cum around my cock, sweetheart. Cum with your hands and legs all tied up. God, you look so fucking good all tied up for me. Look so good not being able to move,” Shawn muttered, and by the shakiness in his voice, I could tell he was going to cum any second.

All I could do was whimper as Shawn fucked me, yanking at my restrained arms and legs even though it was no use. I no longer had control over my body, and I just let Shawn fuck me, let his cock get me closer and closer to hitting my peak. A long list of swear words left Shawn’s mouth and then it was it for me, and my entire body shook underneath him as I came, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I panted. My skin felt so hot, so sensitive, and soon Shawn pulled out of me, his hands quick on his cock as he jacked himself off, letting his hot cum shoot onto my sweaty skin.

He was breathing just as hard, his face all red as he looked down at me with a satisfied smile. Dragging a hand through his dark hair, he gave my nipples a soft pinch before wrapping his lips around them, and then crawled up to meet my lips in a gentle kiss.

“You’re next, right?” I asked, out of breath, and all Shawn could do was laugh against my lips.

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