Gag Me On Our Anniversary

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There are two special days that I look forward to every year, besides the major holidays: my birthday and our anniversary. On these days, I’m treated like a queen. My birthdays often started with my husband serving me breakfast in bed, mid-day flowers or balloons delivered to the office, an evening out to dinner, and culminated with a healthy dose of sex. Benny rarely fails to find the perfect gift. Anniversaries are slightly different, as it involves us both, but I looked forward to Benny’s thoughtful gift and, of course, the evening’s festivities.

I awoke on our fifth anniversary feeling a warm tongue slid across my neck. Giggling, I opened my eyes and felt Benny crawl on top of me. He slipped his tongue up the side of my neck and covered my mouth with his. I was always amazed that he didn’t care about my morning breath. As his tongue pressed into my mouth, I met it with my own, tasting the saltiness of his saliva.

He lifted himself slightly as his hand played across my chest. I felt my nipples harden. The alarm clock began to blare. Benny rolled onto his back, extended his arm and swiped the alarm button.

“Did you set the alarm for 6:30?”

“I did,” I said. “I have an 8:30 meeting in the office.” Benny’s hand was back on my tit, his fingers gently squeezing. “I’m sorry honey. I’ll make it up to you tonight.” I kissed him gently on the lips and then I rolled out from under him. Benny rolled onto his stomach as I left the bed. “Promise,” I said, as I slapped his butt and headed into the bathroom.

I had already finished breakfast when Benny came into the kitchen. I walked over to him and he took me into his arms. We kissed briefly. I fixed his tie after I pulled away.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” I said, smiling. “I love you, have a great day.”

“Happy anniversary,” he said as I hurried out the door.

As I drove to work, I thought it unusual that there wasn’t a gift waiting for me on the kitchen table or nestled on my front seat when I got to the car. It was so unlike Barry. Could he have forgotten? I doubted it, but he did seem to be awfully quiet about it this morning. I was sure I was overthinking it. Who knows? Maybe there would be something waiting for me when I got to work.

I was buried in meetings for the first two hours of work. There was no gift at work from Barry, but that was the least of my concerns. A client of ours was creating some problems for us and anniversary or not, the issue needed to be addressed. I found myself in another meeting just before lunch that went so long, they actually ordered food in.

Around 3:30, most of the crisis averted, I settled down into my office. I checked my email and my phone, for the first tIme all day, to see if there were any messages from Barry. Nothing. Odd, I thought. We usually texted each other throughout the day, sometimes on issues of little importance. I would have thought he would have sent me an anniversary text by now.

“Happy Anniversary, Benny. Can’t wait for tonight!!!” I texted to him. I waited for a response, but nothing came through quickly. He was probably tied up in a meeting or something. He was an IT guy, and I know sometimes he had difficulty breaking away.

At 4:30, when I was beginning to wrap up my day, and I still hadn’t heard anything, I called Benny’s phone and got his voicemail. I left a short message, hoping it didn’t sound too curt, and asked him to call me back. I didn’t know if we had dinner plans, if I needed to make them, or what was going on later in the day. I sat at my desk wondering if something had happened to him.

“Mrs. Johnson?”

I looked up from my desk to see the mailroom guy, Ralph standing in my doorway.

“Hi, Ralph,” I said, breaking out of my trance.

“Package for you,” he said, handing me a small box. I took it and he handed me a handheld device, so I could sign for it. I thanked him, and he left.

 It was a plain, brown box with no return address on it. I shook it, listening to the contents slide back and forth. I stood up from the desk and closed the door to my office. Back at my desk, I opened the side of the box with a letter opener and slid out the wrapped contents. A small card was taped to it. It had three lines on it: 40° 26.767' N and a similar looking set of numbers below it followed by a ‘W’, below both sets of numbers, in script, it read 5:30 PM SHARP. They looked like coordinates, but I didn’t understand why someone would send them to me. I pushed the note to the side and opened the package.

Inside the white wrapping, was a clear bag with a black object in it. I tore open the top of the bag and I pulled the object out. It was a rubber-like ball, with a belt attached to each end. I lifted the strap from one side. The rubber was soft, silicone. The small ball, about the size of a ping pong ball, had holes that ran through it. I felt my nipples get hard as I smiled to myself. I pushed one side of the belt into the buckle on the other, completing a circle. It was a ball gag. Blushing, I pushed it quickly back into the brown box, looking about the room.

That’s a first, I thought. Benny had sent me gifts over the years, but never anything remotely sexual. And, yes, we experimented in bed a little, some cuffs, some toys, but this was a bit extreme. I reached for my phone and texted him. “Thanks for the gift, confused.” I waited for a reply, but there was none. I looked over the note once more. They were no doubt coordinates for a location, but I didn’t know what to do with them.

There was knock at the door. Startled, I looked up pushing the package quickly into a drawer in the top of my desk. I had forgotten the door was closed.

“Come in,” I said.

The door opened and Tracy, a co-worked friend of mine walked in. She smiled.

“I just wanted to wish you a happy anniversary, Maria,” she said. “Did Benny get you anything special?” She winked at me, knowing that Benny often lavished me with gifts.

I blushed immediately at her comment, then turned away. “Nothing special yet,” I said. “I’m sure we will exchange gifts at dinner.”

“Going anywhere special?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Well, if you’re rushing, avoid the freeway if you can, there’s some big tie-up. I’m just going to blindly let my GPS guide me as always,” she said, smiling. “Have a great night, Maria?”

“Thanks,” I said as she walked out the door.

I grabbed the note from inside my drawer immediately and I looked at the numbers again. Definitely, coordinates. And, now, I knew where to plug them in. it was 5 p.m. I checked my phone. Still, no response from Benny. I grabbed the package, my bag and headed out the door.

It took me several minutes to figure out how to input coordinates directly into my GPS, but once I did, it showed that I was about 20 minutes away from my destination. I pulled out of the parking lot, following the instructions on the GPS, wondering where it would lead me.

I pulled in front of a small house, a cape, in an unfamiliar neighborhood. A few kids rode by on bicycles as I was looking around the streets. The area was well-lit and looked safe. A little concerned, I gathered my stuff together and locked the car as I walked up the path to the house. There was no screen door, just a bright red wood door. There was no doorbell, I used the knocker on the door. The door swung open slowly. I waited for Benny to say something. No one spoke.

“Hello,” I said, as I pushed the door open.

I waited a moment and then I stepped into the house. The living room was empty of furniture and the walls had no decorations on them. I thought about stepping back out, but something told me to continue. I walked across the spartan living room, past the empty kitchen. The house was quiet. I turned to what I expected to be the bedroom. Light from inside the room leaked out from under the door.

There was no answer. I knocked again and then I slowly opened the door. Benny stood inside, my apprehension quickly faded. He smiled at me in the dim light. He was naked from the waist up, wearing black leather pants. On one hand, he wore a leather glove. I took this all in before I smiled back at him.

“You didn’t answer me all day today.”

“Enough,” he said loudly, shocking me. His gloved hand held a small leather whip or flogger which he slapped against a small table. “Undress and get up on the bed.”

Benny and I liked to role play in the bedroom sometimes, but this was a whole new level. I stared at him for a moment and then I dropped what I was holding to the floor and slowly began to undress. He watched me, his eyes growing wide as I shed my shirt and unclipped my bra, revealing my tits, nipples red and hard. The hunger in his eyes as they washed over me was palpable and I felt myself getting wet as I pushed my pants down over my hips. I stood, for a moment, in my blue panties, before I slid them down my legs, revealing my tightly trimmed pussy.

Benny growled, and I walked over to the bed, taking it in for the first time. It was a large, four-post bed. There were several big pillows on the mattress, but what really caught my eye was the leather straps that hung from each of the bedposts. I felt both scared and excited as I turned to him and pulled myself up onto the bed into a sitting position.

“Turn on your stomach,” he commanded.

I rolled onto my stomach, stretched out on the bed. My heart was beating fast as I heard him move closer to the bed. His hands pulled my arms gently back behind me and I felt them being tied at the wrists. I looked back at him as tied me; he was focused on the task at hand. When he was finished, he told me to sit up on my knees. He helped me up, pulling on my bound arms from behind me, and I sat up on my knees before him. His eyes walked down from my mouth to my neck and across my tits.

“What are you going to do to me?” I said seductively, getting into the game with him.

He stepped away from the bed briefly, bending down as I watched him.

“You talk too much, woman,” he said, walking back to the bed this time holding the ball gag that he had sent me earlier. My eyes went wide as he approached me, realizing he was about to strap it on me. I shook my head and he smiled softly. “Trust me,” he said.

Benny pushed the ball up against my mouth and I slowly opened it, feeling the silicone ball slide between my teeth. My tongue involuntarily tried to push it out, but he pushed the straps around the side of my face, holding it tight against me as he buckled the gag behind me. I started to breathe through my nose feeling my mouth blocked, but I quickly realized I was able to breathe through the holes in the ball that was inserted in my mouth.

Gagged and bound now, I pulled against the restraints suddenly feeling completely at his mercy. Benny stepped back and admired his work. The ball gag was tight enough that I couldn’t spit it out, but it wasn’t hurting me at all.

“Okay?” he said to me. I nodded slowly. “Good. Now, you’re mine to do with as I please.”

He finished speaking as he opened his pants, sliding them down over his legs. He wore no underwear and his rock-hard dick stood straight out. He slowly jerked himself as he looked over at me, trussed up in the bed. He smiled as he stroked his dick and pulled on his ball sack.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you,” he said. My eyes went wide. He knew I couldn’t speak. I moaned into the ball gag, shaking my head. “If you don’t tell me, I will come up with something on my own,” he said. He walked across the room to the small table once more, turning back to me with huge black dildo in his hand. “Perhaps, you would like me to push this inside of you?”

I shook my head left and right, moaning loudly as my eyes bulged. There was no way that could fit inside of me without tearing me up. He looked up into my eyes, registering my concern, and he turned his back to put the dildo back on the table. When he looked back at me, he held the flogging whip in his hand. Again, I shook my head, but this time he walked closer to the bed. He let the leather tails of the flogger fall across my breasts, gently sliding them up and down. I pulled away at first, and then I let him drag the leather across my nipples feeling them harden under their touch.

Benny slid the flogger between my legs, dragging it through my wet lips, seeing the effect it had on me as thrust slowly into it. He pulled it away after a few minutes and then walked away to the small table once more. He turned back with the large dildo again and I shook my head, moaning loudly again to let him know I wanted no part of that. I could tell that my moaning into the ball gag was turning him on.

“Perhaps my cock inside of you would make you happy,” he said, stroking himself once more after he placed the dildo back on the table. I nodded, wet from the flogger and ready to have him inside of me. “One of your hot holes is already blocked. I wonder which one I should fill next. He smiled at me this time. “Would you like me to fuck you deep inside of your pussy?” I nodded, trying to use my eyes to convince him. “Or, would you like to feel me slide my cock slowly in and out of your ass?”

I shook my head left and right, letting him know that I preferred to have him in my pussy. Benny had been inside my ass several times, but I didn’t want him there while I was tied up. He walked toward the bed, smiling at me. I knew I was clear with where I wanted him; I expected him to honor my wishes. Benny gently pushed me down onto my stomach on the bed. I was on knees, my head turned to the side, resting against the mattress as I felt his cock press against my cheeks. His hands moved to my hips and then I felt him press the tip of his head into my pussy. His hips pulled me back onto him, and I felt him slide deep inside of me.

I moaned loudly, into the ball gag as he filled me up. He slid back out and then he pushed into me completely spreading me wide as my face pushed against the sheets.

“Fuck!” I yelled into the gag, wondering if Benny could make out what I said.

He slid himself back out of me and then he started to fuck me, fast and deep. I loved his cock and I loved when he fucked me with abandon as he was doing right now. With my hands tied behind my back, I slid up and down on the mattress, my eyes closed as I yelled into the ball gag.

When I came, I screamed as loud as I could, the ball gag rendering my screams unintelligible as Benny fucked me through my orgasm. I rocked hard and fast against him, my pussy could not get enough of him deep inside of me. My muffled screams did not do justice to how I was really feeling as I let go all around his cock.

Benny pulled me up onto my knees by my bound arms, lifting me up as he continued to pound into me. We fucked like this for several minutes, his staggered breathing next to my ear. I moaned as I rode up and down on him working myself toward another orgasm. Benny slid himself out of me, pushing me back down on the bed. He turned me over, onto my back, my hands buried behind me.

“I want to see your face when I cum inside of you,” he said, sliding in between my legs and pushing back inside of me.

He pushed my legs up between us as he drove himself into me over and over again. My orgasm broke a second time, his cock rubbing against all of the right places. I heard my own muffled cries into the ball gag and I knew they were driving him crazy. I thrust back as best I could against him. Finally, I heard him grunt loudly as he unloaded, driving himself deep inside of me, holding me there for a quick moment, before he slid back and started fucking me hard again until he was completely dry.

When he was finished, he slid out of me and gently rolled me onto my stomach. I felt him untie my hands and I waited for him to release me from the ball gag. When he did, I ran my fingers over where the straps were. I worked to catch my breath before I turned to face him.

“Are you okay?” he said to me. The bravado was gone from his voice. He was back to being regular Benny.

“I’m fine,” I said. “Fucking heightens the excitement when you can’t scream out loud.”

“Does it?” he said, as I stood up from the bed, leaving him kneeling next to the pillow.

“Sure does,” I said. I moved my body close behind him. “But, you’ll know for yourself soon enough.”

I reached over his head and pulled the ball gag up against his mouth. He could easily have stopped me, and he initially pulled away. Then, as I pulled back on the straps, tightening them behind his head, he stopped protesting knowing that it was his time now. I buckled the gag behind his head and I walked over to the small table across the room. 

I picked up the large black dildo and turned to him, giggling. He shook his head and I laughed with him. I thought I heard a muffled ‘no’ through the gag.

“Where would I even put it?” I said, turning back to the table.  “I picked up a small, thin pink vibrator, switched it on and off, then I turned back to the bed. “Get down on your back.” Benny looked at me. “Now!” I commanded. He lay down on his back.

I moved onto the bed and tied each of his wrists to a strap that hung from the bedpost. He pulled against the restraint as I finished each one. He was spread eagle in the bed, on his back. I kneeled next to him, taking his semi-hard cock into my mouth, licking his shaft as I swallowed him. He looked up at me as I bobbed my head between his legs. I shifted myself, so I could kneel between his legs and I pulled up off his now-hard cock.

“Mmm,” I said.

I looked across his stomach up into his eyes, as I jerked him with my hand. I held up the pink vibrator, so he could see it, and turned it on. His eyes went wide as I moved it down between his legs. First, I ran it across his cock head, then down his shaft, and as I slid it down over his balls, I heard him moan loudly into the ball gag.

“Relax,” I said as I pushed the vibrator up into his ass. He pulled against the ropes and screamed into the gag. I slid the vibrator out and smiled. “First, I’m going to fuck you with this and then I am going to ride you hard, so you can really hear me scream.”

I pushed the vibrator back up into his ass as I swallowed his cock into my mouth. He pulled against the restraints for a minute, but slowly relaxed, opening his ass to me, gently thrusting against the vibrator. He moaned the whole time I fucked his ass, sliding his cock in and out my mouth at the same time to match his thrusts.

I lied about riding him until I screamed. I let him cum in my mouth, as I fucked him, feeling him swell until he burst and then I sucked him dry. I heard him moaning loudly the whole time into the ball gag, tugging on the ropes. It was incredibly hot. When he was finished, I slid the vibrator out of his ass, leaving it running on the bed. Then I moved up over him dragging my body across him slowly until I was face to face with him, my mouth still full with his load. I looked into his eyes, as I bent my head down to kiss him, licking his lips and the ball gag as I let his cum slide from my mouth down over his lips and his chin.

I sat up on Benny’s chest, reached behind his head and unbuckled the ball gag. I know he was tasting his own cum as I pulled it out of his mouth. I bent down and kissed him hard pressing my tongue into his mouth. We stayed like that for a minute, my wet pussy slowly humping his stomach. When we broke, I looked down at him and smiled.

“Fucked up, right?” I said. He nodded. “I will release you, if you promise me one thing.”

“Anything,” Benny said.

“I want us to fuck through the night, okay?”

“Okay,” he said.

I dragged my wet pussy lips slowly up over his chest, straddling his face as I untied first one wrist, then the next. He pulled me against his mouth and started to eat me slowly. I thrust against him, sliding my pussy over his tongue as his free hands moved me back and forth.

“Happy anniversary, honey,” I said. I could only hear his muffled reply.

I guess I had found another way to gag him. I giggled as I fucked his face.

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