Getting Pumped While Hanging In A Door Swing

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“I thought we could try something different,” Auston whispered into my ear, his warm breath on my neck. It made me shudder in my boyfriend’s arms, and I felt him pull me close against him, his strong hands gripping at my hips.

I was currently standing blindfolded in our bedroom, waiting impatiently for my boyfriend to take it off already. I had strict instructions to keep it on while he set something up for me, and while I heard some movement in front of me, I couldn’t quite figure out what Auston was up to.

“Like what?” I wondered, and I felt him come behind me, his hard cock pressing into me as his hands ran through my long locks. His fingers dragged through my hair before they finally removed the dark material of the blind fold, and I stared at the strange black contraption strapped to our bedroom door. “What on earth is that?” I asked, stepping closer to the shut door. It looked like some kind of harness that you could both sit in and hold on to, and I tilted my head at the sight of it, wondering what the hell Auston was up to. “What exactly are we supposed to do with that?”

Auston’s hands dug in to my shoulders, his fingers massaging at my bare skin as he whispered in my ear. “It’s a sex door swing. Don’t worry, I’m gonna sit you up in it.”

“You want me to get in that?” I asked with a shocked laugh, turning around to meet him and coming face to face with his lust filled stare. “How?”

“I’ll get you in there, don’t worry,” he winked. “And then it’ll be so much easier to play with you… to have you spread your legs nice and wide for me. Or you could have your back to me, with this perfect fucking ass sticking out,” Auston said, his voice low as he snuck a hand under my dress, slapping at my ass harshly.

I gasped and whimpered in his arms, staring up at him with a small grin. That actually sounded like a lot of fun.

“I’m gonna fall on my ass,” I said.

“I’ll catch you, sweetheart,” he smirked. “Now let’s get this pretty little dress off, hm?” He murmured, his hands grabbing at the end of the material and pulling it over my head. He let it fall to our feet, and I was thankful I wasn’t wearing a bra, because Auston was quick to play with my already hard nipples. He pinched at them and licked them, his warm lips wrapping around them as he gripped my ass tightly, occasionally spanking me again and causing me to let out a low moan. He yanked off my panties, my bare pussy being met with the cold air of the bedroom, providing me with some form of relief. “Fuck, look at your sweet little pussy,” Auston hissed.

He picked me up, his tall, big body easily able to hoist me up so my legs wrapped around his waist. He carried me over to the door, moving us around so I was firmly placed in the swing. He pushed my legs into the straps and held onto the ones above me, surprised at how light weight I felt. With my legs in the straps I felt myself automatically spreading them, and Auston grinned at the sight.

He kneeled down beneath me, his legs gripping my thighs as he sucked at my clit, and all I could do was let out a shocked laugh in response. My hands gripped the straps tighter, feeling all kinds of pleasure take over me as Auston lapped at my clit. It was strange how comfortable I felt in the swing, and it was so easy to move my legs around. I rested my feet so they were on Auston’s shoulders, and I whimpered as he inserted two fingers into my pussy, sliding them in an out at the most perfect pace. He curled them and I cried out, and all he did was smirk at me from his kneeling position.

“You taste like heaven,” he murmured against my slit, and I sighed in response, my eyes fluttering shut as his warm lips wrapped around my clit once more. He kept on sucking and sucking, his nails digging into my skin a little as I lost control of my legs.

I felt so fidgety and my orgasm was just around the corner, and I couldn’t help but let my legs flail out. I tried to keep myself still but the pleasure of Auston on my clit took over me, and soon I felt my whole body shaking, my hands almost losing their grips on the straps. My head banged against the door as I let out a scream, smiling lazily as my whole body was met with a wave of pleasure.

Quick to get back up on his feet, Auston’s hands moved hastily on his shorts and shirt, revealing to me his long, hard cock. I stared at it with lust, watching as the head of his cock was leaking with pre-cum, and I wanted so badly to get on my knees and lick him.

“Get over here,” I begged. “I need you inside me.”

Smiling wildly, Auston picked my legs up so they wrapped around his waist. Auston’s height made things a little awkward. He was so much taller than me and holding me the whole time while fucking wasn’t always so convenient, so I soon realised that the door swing was perfect for a moment like this. Auston rested one hand on my calf, his nails dragging up and down the hot skin while his other hand played with his cock. I watched as he jacked himself off, a low moan leaving him as he pressed the tip of his cock against my wet hole.

“You want me, baby?” He asked, and all I could do was nod my head excitedly.

“So, so bad,” I answered.

That was all it took for Auston, and soon he was pushing his throbbing cock into me, all in one, quick thrust that hit me in just the right spot. My head rolled back and rested against the door as I gripped the straps in a tight, almost painful grip, and both of Auston’s hands were on my calves, running his hands up and down my smooth skin. We were in the perfect position to stare at each other, and Auston looked at me with such a deep, dark gaze I felt myself shudder. One of his hands reached up to rest on my ass, and he kneaded at the skin, massaging my ass as he fucked me.

He was fast with his movements, pumping his cock in and out of me at such a fast speed I was seeing stars. My ass banged against the door, the only noise in the room besides my whimpers, Auston’s grunts, and the sound of our skin slapping together.

“You like getting fucked like this, honey?” Asked Auston, voice deep and guttural as he rested his forehead against mine. He didn’t stop with his pace at all, and kept on pushing his cock in and out of me at that perfect, fast speed.

“So good, baby, so good,” I whined. “Can feel you everywhere.”

Auston pressed his lips against mine, our tongues meeting in a desperate, heated kiss. I held onto the swing with one hand while my other dove into Auston’s hair, digging into his locks and pulling him closer to me. I was on fire, feeling all kinds of sexy being in the swing, and all I wanted was for Auston to never stop fucking me. He was far too good with his cock, far too good at stretching me out and filling me up, and I couldn’t get enough of him.

I used the swing to stretch my legs out, and now I hovered there with my legs spread wide, giving Auston better access to my pussy. He grunted at my movements and somehow managed to pick up the pace, his hands kneading at my ass some more as he pressed kisses to my neck. I shut my eyes and let him get to work, unable to say or do anything, just letting little squeaks fall from my mouth. It felt amazing and my legs were spread so wide that I could feel absolutely every inch of Auston.

“Wanna spin you around in that thing,” grunted Auston. “Wanna fuck you from behind.”

All I could do was nod in response, my mind racing at the thought. I’d feel even more of Auston like that. I’d feel even more of his perfect, veiny cock filling me up and stretching me out. My legs were far too shaky to get out, though, so Auston had to pull me up and set me up, turning me around so my feet were pressed to the door. I gripped the straps tightly, doing my best to arch my back, sticking my ass in the air, showing off my dripping slit to him.

“Fucking hell,” he moaned, and I heard him spit on his hand and he pressed his saliva coated fingers to my pussy. “This pussy is all mine, yeah?”

“Always,” I moaned, pressing my face to the door, missing Auston’s cock already. I shook my ass a little, hoping to entice him and to get him to hurry up, and he slapped my ass in response.

“Don’t be such a tease, baby,” he murmured into my ear.

“Just fuck me already. Please,” I begged.

“So desperate,” he chuckled deeply, running the swollen tip of his cock up and down my slit.

I was so close to yelling at him to hurry up when he finally sank into me, once again pushing into me all the way so he was balls deep. I felt every single inch of him as he sank into me, my pussy completely stretched out. I felt his hands grab my ass harshly, using it as a grip to fuck me hard. He was able to pound into me even harder from this position, and all I could do was scream as the tip of him hit my sweet spot every single time. I felt my whole body shaking as he fucked me, completely taking over my body and pussy. He owned me and we both knew it.

Auston’s big, swollen balls slapped against me as he fucked me, and he brought one hand around the front of me, running it up and down my slit until it rested against my clit. He rubbed at it hard and fast, going the same pace as his cock, and even louder screams escaped me. I cried out Auston’s name, so desperate to meet my orgasm, and I threw my head back with a whine.

“Auston, fuck, so close,” I moaned. “I’m gonna…” But my voice trailed off not too long after. Auston was just too good, and my body couldn’t handle it anymore. He rubbed at my clit in just the right way, causing me to fall over the edge, my legs shaking wildly as my orgasm hit me. Auston’s grip tightened on me, holding me up as my upper body failed me. He kept on fucking up into me, his pace never ending and sending my sensitive pussy into overdrive. I clenched around him, unable to stop myself, and it seemed like it was too much for him, because the next moment he was grunting into my ear deeply and loudly. His pace slowed down and he simply whispered my name, his lips hovering over my neck as he let out deep breaths. My skin felt like it was on fire as Auston spilled his cum into me, and I couldn’t help but moan as I felt him fill me up with his warm spunk. I sighed happily, pressing myself against the door as Auston left soft kisses on my shoulder.

“Aren’t you glad I bought this thing now?” Auston asked with a laugh.

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