Girlfriend Relieves Boyfriend with a Fleshlight After a Hot Date

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Sheila and I had just gotten back to her parents’ home from our first date at a nice Italian restaurant and two hours of an intense romantic movie at the local theater.  It was dark as we pulled up to the house.  She said she had a surprise waiting for me at the house to help me relax.

I initially thought the date would end with my returning her to the front porch of her parent’s home, but Sheila had held me enthralled with her blue eyes. She had stared mischievously at me the entire drive home and whenever I inquired what was on her mind and what the surprise was, she shook her head slowly and pouted her lips at me instead. Eventually, when we stepped out of the car and onto the front porch of her home, she held my hand and stepped close to me; I could feel her warm breath on her shoulder.

“Come inside with me, Charles.” She said. “We should head over to my room so I could help you with that swell between your legs.”

I became utterly awestruck and excited at the same time. For a few seconds, I stared back into her eyes, wondering how long she had noticed that I had concealed a boner beneath my jeans.

“What about your parents?” I asked her instead.

“I doubt if they will be awake by this time of the night.” She said. “More so, I told them I would be going out with you. They wouldn’t mind if you spend the rest of the night with me.”

The defying expression on her face convinced me that there wouldn’t be any trouble with my presence in the house. I clasped my lips shut and nodded, allowing her to pull me towards the house. Most of the lights in the hallway and nearby living room had been turned off but Sheila seemed to know where she was going. We went up a set of stairs and walked down the 2nd floor hallway.

“My room is the last one on the right.” She whispered, smiling at me.

I nodded and couldn’t help but to grin as I stared down and noticed the curves of her butt through her tight, short dress. They were round and with every step that she took, each one swayed, turning me on. I could already feel my cock jolting in my pants.

“Here.” Sheila finally whispered, opening the door to her room.

She pushed me in before I could mutter a response. She stepped in quickly and clasped the lock of the door shut behind us.

“Well?” She asked, looking at me while I glanced across her room.

I noticed a single bed at the end of the room. There was a table and chair along with two large drawers where she obviously kept her clothes. There was a large mirror beside the bed too, its orange frame matching the color of the wallpaper on the wall.

“It is…uh…nice.” I said.

“Nice?” Sheila queried, feigning an angry look.

“More like cozy and arousing.” I added, grinning at her.

Her gaze dropped to my groin afterwards and her cheeks flushed with color. I deliberately began to walk towards her, allowing my fingers to trail the length of the visible bulge between my legs.

Sheila put her hand out and stopped my advance.  She asked me to sit on the edge of her bed.  

“I’ve been thinking… I don’t want to have sex before marriage, but I know your hormones are surging and that you want to fuck.  I can sense how tense you are.“

Sheila and I had fooled around before.  She had given me some spectacular hand jobs and blow jobs.  But I always felt the urge to fuck her pussy.

“I want to give you some better sexual relief to keep you happy” Sheila said.

“What do you mean?” I paused.

Sheila stepped towards me, getting rid of the remaining distance between us. Her palm closed around the swell of my cock instantly, getting me to pant unevenly. She inched her lips towards my neck and began to whisper words into my ears.

“I know you’ve been staring at my butt. Fucking me is what you want right now, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” I breathed.

“Getting that cock into my hole and splattering your cum over my thighs is also what you can’t stop thinking about, right?”

“Yes.” I groaned again.

“You also want to suck my breasts and squeeze my butt while I beg you to fuck me, yes?”

“Hell, yes Sheila!” I groaned, gritting my teeth anxiously.

“Good.” Sheila finally said, nibbling my earlobe. She reached for the full shape of my cock beneath my pants and squeezed hard. “Let me show you the surprise.” She said.

What could the surprise have been? I had already imagined the strap of her dress sliding off while I lifted her off her feet and dropped her naked body on the bed, her thighs spreading wide to receive my hardening cock. These weren’t happening though. Instead, I watched, dumbfounded, as Sheila walked over to her closet to retrieve an object that looked like a large flashlight.

Sheila smiled and stepped away from her closet while staring at me, batting her eyelashes civilly.

“Its a Fleshlight.” She said. “You want to spill your cum all over my thighs or face, don’t you?”

“And how would that happen with that?” I asked, still unable to believe my eyes.

“This is a toy I bought for you to help bring you more complete pleasure.  It wraps around and envelops your cock just like my vagina would if we were having sex.   You then pump it on your cock to simulate sex.  It’s incredible.  I played with it using my fingers and it feels so tight and ribbed”

“Come here and I will show you.” She softly whispered.

I inched towards the bed slowly, watching as Sheila began to unstrap her dress. I sat beside her on the bed at the same time that she stood and let the gown drop to her feet. My cock throbbed instantly at the view of her plum peach-shaped breasts which were neatly held together in her while lacy bra and matching g-string panties. 

“Let me see that.” Sheila whispered afterwards.

“Uh?” I whispered, already lost in the thoughts of my lips closing around her taut nipples.

“Your cock.” Sheila whispered. “I want to see it.”

I hurried to my feet slowly, already ensnared beyond my own control. Quickly, I fondled with my belt and zipped down my pants. Sheila stepped forward and pulled my pants down, along with my underwear. A gasp escaped her lips as she saw how large my cock has grown at the site of her.

She placed the fleshlight on the bed and leaned over to the nightstand where she pulled out a tube of lube.  She opened the lube and applied a generous amount onto the fleshlight.  The fleshlight looked like a pussy.  She used her fingers to slowly lubricate the opening of the toy.  Seeing her fingers thrust into the fleshlight’s pussy opening make my cock spasm.

Sheila then knelt in front of me and closed her palms around my cock while starting to massage it. 

Her hand motions felt incredible. I thought I was going to come quickly. “You’re not coming with a hand job tonight.  This is going to be way better.  But let’s get you a bit more worked up first” she exclaimed.

I let out a loud groan as she squeezed my cock and jerked it viciously before I could mutter a response. Her fingernails dug slightly into the side of my cock while she continuously yanked at the hard flesh.

“I prefer to squeeze and torture you till you beg for release.” She finally whispered, still squeezing hard.

The hardcore stroke had been totally unexpected. My feet weakened instantly while my body sprawled over the bed. Instead of letting go of my cock though, Sheila moved her palm upward, focusing on the head of my cock. She swiped her hand up and down my cock and spit on the head, further lubricating it with her saliva. 

“I want you to watch what I do carefully,” she said. She then planted herself between my legs and inserted to fingers into the fleshlight with one hand while sucking my cock into her mouth using her lips.

“Oh… Sheila!”

I was lost for words. She was finger fucking the fleshlight timed with the stokes of the blowjob she was administering.  Her mouth was warm and soothing. Her lips created a seal around the head of my cock while her mouth sucked hungrily. She inched forward and back, pulling more of my cock into her mouth until finally, the entire length began to push through to hit back of her throat.

I reached down impulsively to bury my fingers into Sheila’s hair. My fingers clutched her head firmly while she began to move, pushing my cock in and out of her mouth. I could feel the tip reaching deep into her throat, sending jolts through my spine.

I couldn’t help the rippling desire that coursed through my entire body. I began to move my thighs suddenly, meeting the thrust of her mouth with my own. I rammed my cock deeper and faster, fucking her mouth and listening to her loud groans as she choked on it.

Unable to hold on anymore though, I let go of her hair and watched as she darted backward, catching her breath. She aggressively inched towards me again and grabbed onto my balls.

“Oh you won’t!” I groaned.

It was too late. She bent lower to pull a testicle into her mouth, sucking remorselessly. Her other hand went for my cock at the same time and began another vicious stroke.

“I want to touch you too.” I pleaded. Various thoughts of what I could do to her breasts or cunt already filled my mind. Sheila shook her head at me though and grabbed for the fleshlight.

I had lost control of my thoughts. My balls wouldn’t stop clenching inside her mouth as I neared my climax while my cock jerked uncontrollably. Having gotten me to the point that I had to beg for release, Sheila eventually stood and pointed to the middle of the bed.

“Get yourself comfortable.” She said.

I couldn’t mutter a single word in protest. I quickly rolled over and widened my legs, waiting for her. Sheila unstrapped her bra at the same time, finally freeing her breasts. Her nipples were round, button-like and taut. Her full breasts dangled left and right as she hopped onto the bed, picking up the fleshlight.

My body shook happily as she finally crawled towards me and held my fully aroused cock. She guided it into the small opening of the fleshlight, earning a loud moan from me. The artificial pussy fastened against my dick, getting it to jolt uncontrollably.

“You like that, uh?” Sheila asked, moaning too.

It was soft, slick, and warm.  She adjusted so that she could sit in between my widely stretched legs. I circled her waist with my leg as she inched closer though and smiled at her.

“Make me cum, Sheila.” I urged her on. “Fuck me with the fleshlight until I am able to spill my cum all over you.”

Sheila’s eyes widened as she smiled back at me. At the same time, she pushed the fleshlight downward, getting my cock to jerk as it was enveloped. She began to pump up and down slowly, getting my cock to move in and out of the pussy.

My thighs shuddered gently while my balls seldom clenched tightly together. As Sheila began to stroke me faster, the hole of the fleshlight clasped tightly around my cock, pulling my hard flesh every single time she pulled and pushed back in.

“Oh God, Sheila.” I groaned at her. “You are driving me nuts.”

“I’m just getting started.” She groaned back.

She jumped onto my stomach afterwards, turning so her butt, still in a skimpy g-string, was over my face. Instead of the fleshlight, my cock jerked into her mouth and I couldn’t hold back the gasp that escaped my lips.

“Fuck my pussy with your tongue” She managed to groan over my cock.

I slid her g-string to the side, firmly grasped her butt cheeks - one in each hand -  and pulled her down towards me. She sat on my face just as I felt her ram the fleshlight back down onto my throbbing cock. I dug my tongue into her cunt, tasting every inch of her labia walls. She was dripping wet already and I could taste her cum all over my lips.

She removed the flashlight from my cock and quickly replaced it with her warm lips. Her lips closed tightly around my cock while she sucked. I grunted endlessly and let out a loud groan just as she removed my cock from her mouth and rammed it back into the fleshlight. This time around, she began to twist the toy, so the ribs would massage my cock even further. She guided my cock into it halfway too, sometimes stopping to wiggle it left and right while my balls dangled below.

“Don’t you stop sucking me down there, Charles.” She groaned every time I got so distracted by what she did down there that I found it hard to do anything else.

I dug my fingers into her cunt to distract myself seconds later but this wasn’t helping either. Sheila got more aroused with every twist of my tongue; she took out her sexual adrenaline on my cock. She interchangeably nibbled with her teeth and fucked me with the fleshlight. Eventually, she left the fleshlight on  my throbbing cock while she sat straight up on my face. She began to wiggle her ass all over, smashing her clit over my lips and lubricating my face with her cum.

“Yes, baby.” She moaned. “Taste my cum. Have my clit rubbing all over your mouth while you make me squirt.”

Everything had gotten more dirty and aggressive without either of us having control over our reflexes. I grasped Sheila’s waist tightly and pulled, fastening her ass to my face. Although this made it hard to breathe, I suckled every bit of flesh I came across. My tongue dived deeper into her cunt too, ramming over her labia walls.

“Get up!” Sheila ranted at me afterwards. “Get up!”

Her ass jerked out of my reach at the same time. She hopped off the bed, held my leg and pulled me towards the edge. The moment I was on my feet, she held the fleshlight and pushed, getting the entire length of my cock fully into its pussy hole once again.

“Thrust deep, baby.” She told me. “I want you to fuck it like you would fuck me.”

Her words became an aphrodisiac for me. I began to move my hips, thrusting as fast as I could and feeling the toy’s soft ribs on the head of my cock and down its shaft. She held on tight to the toy and kept muttering encouraging words that drove me close to the edge.

“Yes, Charles.” She ranted. “Faster. Deeper. Don’t you dare stop on me! I want you to spill your load in a few minutes.”  “I just want to pleasure you a bit more first,” she remarked.

Sheila stepped behind my back while still holding the fleshlight in front of me and continuing to receive my thrusts. I felt her large breasts press up against my back while I felt the heat of her cunt was on my butt. I could even feel her hard nipples as she wrapped her other arm around my waist and pulled me into her while stroking my cock with the fleshlight.  She began thrusting her hips with me, pressing her body and breasts into my back timed perfectly with my forward thrusts into the fleshlight.

She moved her left hand that was holding my waist up to my nipple and began flicking while talking dirty.  I lost tract of her words.  I turned around and reached out to hold her shoulders and pull her towards me while she kept fucking me with the fleshlight. My lips smashed against hers; I let my tongue dig deep, flipping over the warm corners of her mouth before entangling with hers. She panted unevenly into my mouth. She finally breathed when I broke off the kiss.

She hopped onto the bed briskly and sat facing me while I stood on the edge with the fleshlight still enveloping my cock.  She spread her legs in front of me and pushed two fingers into her g-string covered pussy while grasping onto the fleshlight and starting to jerk it once more. She watched my penis and facial expressions intently as I began to moan while she rapidly jerked it forward and backward. My legs felt wobbly. My cock began jerking uncontrollably as the pussy hole of the fleshlight toy flicked all around it, pulling its solid flesh as I continued to be jerked.

She leaned over and tightened the cap on the fleshlight’s end to increase the suction. “When you are ready, pull out and spill your load on my face.  Just let me know when you are about to cum,” Sheila said as she began pumping me at a rate so fast that her breasts were shaking and beads of sweat were forming on her forehead.  Meanwhile, she continued dipping her fingers into her cunt with the same rapid speed she was pumping me. 

I was close to my climax but I held back from it for a few more seconds. I spread my legs, slightly arched my back and just took in the pleasure Sheila was giving me with the toy. I imagined for a moment I was fucking Sheila’s butt while she was wearing that hot g-string. I thought about how awesome it would be if she was yelling my name while I spilled my cum all over her ass.  That thought combined with Sheila giving the fleshlight a twist while was pumping  it put me over the edge.

“I’m cumming!” I finally groaned.

I knelt close to Sheila and pulled out from the fleshlight. The toy fell to the bed at the same time that Sheila’s palm closed around my cock and began to jerk it viciously. She jerked it hard one last time and I let out a loud grunt as cum squirted out of my cock. The first shot splashed onto Sheila’s face and into her mouth. The second shot hit her flat, tone stomach.  The third shot fell onto her pretty toes, covering her new toe ring. Without warning, Sheila moved forward and enveloped her lips around the head of my cock while sucking hungrily to extract all the juice out. She leaned back into the bed happy and proud, finally pulling out her fingers from her cunt.

For a minute, I was too awed to speak. I fell onto the bed with her, holding her hand. I pulled her into my arms too and grinned, too pleased to mutter a single word. I felt my warm cum on her body as I leaned in.

“I sure hope we didn’t wake anyone up with our loud groans.” I whispered a second later.

Sheila snuggled closer into my arms and closed her eyes. I did the same too, feeling completely relaxed.

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