Hands-Free Orgasming

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Jason leaned against the log staring up at the night sky. On opposite sides of the campfire sat his best friends, Scott and Tony. Once a year, the three of them would go camping. A chance to get away from their everyday lives and to remind them why they were such good friends. At that moment Jason was straining to remember.

“So I was at this nightclub in Puerto Rico,” Tony explained. “And this woman I haven’t said two words to pushes me into the bathroom and proceeds to give me the best hummer of my entire life. I didn’t know anything could be that good. My mind was completely blown like…I don’t think you understand just how good this blowjob was. I didn’t even know her name, but at the end of it, if she wanted to marry me for a visa I would’ve agreed.”

“Puerto Ricans are already US citizens,” Jason mumbled.

Ignoring the interruption, Tony finished the story. “And then she stands up, wipes her mouth and says, ‘that’ll be fifty’.”

Scott eyes bulge. “She was a hooker?”

Tony nodded. “She was a hooker.”

“So what did you do?” asked Scott.

“I paid her fifty and tipped her another twenty-five for a job well-done.”

All three of them started to laugh.

Tony looked over at Jason. “So what about you?”

Jason shrugged. He knew he didn’t have a story even when the topic first came up. “One orgasm is pretty much the same as the next for me.”

Tony rolled his eyes as if he didn’t believe a thing Jason was saying. “Come on, there has to be at least once when your mind was blown.”

Jason shook his head. “Not that I can think of.”

Visibly disappointed and irritated at Jason’s lack of story, he turned to Scott. “What about you? Don’t tell me that your sex life is as boring as this guys,” he said jutting his thumb in Jason’s direction.

Scott shook his head. “No, I remember my best orgasm quite clearly.”

Tony leaned in. “Do tell.”

“Remember Jessica?”

Tony held his hands in front of  his chest simulating giant breasts. “You mean Jessica with the double D’s? Yeah, I remember her. God, I miss her. Why did you to ever break up?”

“She was too controlling.”

“With a rack like that, she could control me any day.”

“I’ll give you her number then. Best of luck with it.”

Some might’ve thought Scott was joking but Jason knew that he wasn’t. The three of them had very different personalities and recognized that just because one of them didn’t get along with someone, it didn’t mean one of the others wouldn’t. If feelings were still involved, like if one of them was still in love with their ex, they’d admit it and that one would be off-limits. But they had dated each other’s exes in the past without drama breaking out between them.

“Great. I’ll be sure to call her when we get back,” Tony said.

Scott gave a nod and continued on with his story. “Well, Jessica was really into butt play—”

Tony interrupted him again. “What’s butt play?”

“You know…when chicks do stuff to your butt…like stick things up there, fingers and toys.”

Tony gave a choking laugh. “That’s gay as fuck, man.”

Scott and Jason had grown accustomed to their friend’s enlightened views. “So having sex with a woman is gay as fuck?” Scott hoped his question would make Tony more self-aware, but that didn’t work.

“Yeah, it is,” Tony answered decidedly.

“You do realize to get to see those double D’s you’re probably going to have to indulge in some of this too?”

Jason could see the war going on in Tony’s mind. Jessica was a tall leggy blonde with a nice rack exactly Tony’s type. He would have to weigh that hard against not wanting to participate in certain sex acts. Especially considering he tried just about everything else.

But in the end, he came up with an answer. He shook his head. “That’s okay. Keep her number.”

Scott shrugged as if it didn’t make much of a difference to him one way or the other and continued on with his story. “So like a was saying…she was into butt stuff and one day she comes home with this thing called a prostate massager. Now I didn’t think much of it. I had just thought it was no different than any of the other toys she had used on me. But oh my God! She turned that thing on and I lost my fucking mind. I do not have the words to convey what I experienced when she turned on that prostate massager. I came almost immediately without ever touching my dick and I came so hard and so long that it seemed like I had died mid-orgasm and it was just going to continue on for eternity.”

Both Tony and Jason sat there listening to Scott’s story. Jason tried to imagine what something like that could feel like but it was far beyond his imagination. Sometimes when he came it was better than other times, especially if he hadn’t orgasm in awhile, but he had no experience that could compare to the story Scott was telling him, but he definitely wanted one.

Tony chuckled nervously. “Now you’re making me change my mind about calling her.”

Scott nodded. “You really should. There are some things in this world that you should definitely experience at least once.”

The night continued on like that. Drinking beer and sharing stories around a fire. It was starting to get late. The three of them climbed into their tents and went to bed for the night. The next morning they packed up and headed back to the city to get back to their lives. They would call and text, hang out on Saturdays, but nothing brought them together like their camping trip did.

As Jason went back to his routine, he couldn’t get Scott’s words out of his head. The way he described how it felt and then how he added that it was something everyone should experience at least once. Jason couldn’t help but wonder if it was something he should experience also. He made it a full week before making his decision. He headed online to buy a toy. There were more options than he had expected there to be. Fortunately, most prostate massagers had reviews under them and he used those reviews to choose the massager he felt would be best for him.

It was described as a bit large for newbies but it was also described as being most effective. He was definitely willing to take the time necessary to get it into the proper position if it meant that once he did he’d experience a mind blowing orgasm.

He laughed to himself. He could only half believe what he was doing. Never owned a sex toy before in his life and if someone had asked him the day before the trip if he was to buy a sex toy what kind would it be, the last answer on his list would be a prostate massager. And yet that was exactly what he was getting. Go figure.

A couple days later a package arrived in the mail. Jason could barely hold in his excitement. He tore open the box and pulled out the massager. It was a lot bigger than he had imagined it was going to be, but that didn’t deter him in the least.

He ran upstairs with the toy in hand and laid it down on his bed as he stripped off his clothes and got into the shower. He made sure to clean his backside thoroughly in preparation of using his new toy. He had even attempted to get himself ready over the past couple days using his fingers to loosen up his anus, though now that he has seen massager he knew that he hadn’t done enough yet.

After he was squeaky clean, he hopped out the shower and dried himself off. Then he headed to the bedroom and grabbed a bottle of lube. As he pressed the tip of the vibrator against his back door, his mind filled with stories about how amazing the orgasm he would have would be and he couldn’t wait to find out if they were true.

There was only one problem. His ass was not giving an inch and the toy remained stuck outside his hole. With a groan of frustration, he pressed harder but still his ass would not give way and so he put even more force behind his hand. And while he did make a little leeway, the pinching sensation told him that his plan wasn’t gonna work, so he stopped.

Frustrated, he grabbed the lube and he tried again. He coated the vibrator and then his own fingers. He slipped them inside as deep as they would go. Back and forth trying to get himself comfortable with the sensation. Once he started to relax, he tried again. This time as he tried to get the toy in he made sure to breathe. This time he got a little bit further.

He at least managed to get the tip in, but the vibrator stretched into a knob and that was the part that he’d have to get in. After that it would be smooth sailing, but he learned from his last attempt not to force the entire thing in. Instead, he continued to move slowly making sure he continued to breathe as he went. He twisted the vibrator in circles, widening his hole and once he was confident he was as used to it as he would get, he attempted to take the bulbous section again.

It wasn’t quite going in but he was almost there, so he decided to press a bit harder and that was what it took. With a plop the massager slid in and he wanted to howl in victory once the toy was in.

Then he pushed it all the way up until the vibration was hitting him in three different places. The sensations were amazing. In his effort to get the toy in he had grown soft, but now just from letting the vibrator work his magic his cock was once against rising to its full hardness. He simply laid back and let the pleasure wash over his body. He had to admit that it felt good, but not as epic as he had heard others describe. So he started to feel a little disappointed, but those feelings didn’t last for long.

It began with a minute change. One that he may not have even noticed if he wasn’t expecting it. Pressure began to build deep inside, almost like he needed to go to the bathroom but he knew that wasn’t what it was and every minute that the vibration continued, the feeling grew.

What started off as simply a nice feeling changed into what he would describe as incredible, but didn’t stop there. He wanted to wrap his fingers around his cock so bad to jerk himself off as his body marched towards an orgasm. but at the same time didn’t.

He wanted to see exactly how it felt and so he kept his fists balled up beside him as the pleasure and the pressure both intensified. They grew inside him until he reached the point where felt like they were growing too big and like a balloon being popped, he exploded.

His entire body tensed and curled up into itself. His cock shot streaks of semen in the air one after another and his entire body shook for what seemed like forever. When he finally came down he used the remote control to turn off the massager while still leaving it inside.

He laid in his bed, staring at the ceiling, attempting to catch his breath, unable to believe what he just experienced. He had come so hard he had seen stars. For a moment, his entire body was awash in white light.

Scott was right. The people on the Internet were also right. What he’d experienced was far beyond any of the orgasms he had had before. He feared he might become addicted to such a sensation. What if his body started to demand that feeling? He couldn’t believe he was even thinking it, but a prostate orgasm was better than sex. And he had a hard time believing anything was better than sex.

Usually after an orgasm, he would grow drowsy.  At the moment, he felt the exact opposite. He raised his hand and looked at it. It was still shaking. What he felt had completely rocked him and while he couldn’t wait to do it again, he needed to catch his breath.

He could barely believe what he just felt. He laid there in a semi-daze wondering what had made him wait so long to try this. And the very best part was that it was still inside him. He wouldn’t have to go through the effort of working it back in again. He picked up the small remote and looked at it unable to believe what an affected had on him.

This time he turned the settings up and started the vibrations again. Very quickly waves of pleasure began to flow through him, making his toes curl and his eyes roll back.

This time he knew what to expect and that made the anticipation twice as intense. He had already come once without using his hands, this time he wanted to try it while jerking off. He’d already grown hard again just from thinking about how intense his last orgasm was. His cock shot straight up and the glistening head leaked pre-come as if there would never be enough. His body would always want more of the sensations he felt as the massager thrummed against his prostate.

He wrapped his fingers around his hard cock using his pre-come lube, he ran his hand up and down his length in time with the throbbing beats of the massager. He closed his eyes focusing on the intense pleasure making its way throughout his body. Somehow jerking his cock doubled the pleasure and so he lay there, his hand moving faster than his eyes could follow, lost in the sensations as waves of  electricity made their way throughout his body.

His fingers tingled, his back ached as he arched his hips thrusting towards his hand again and again. Soon he began to feel was though he’d taken more than he could possibly take. His hand moved faster in response and the next thing he knew he was coming again. And if he thought the last time was intense this time knocked one out of the park. He once again saw stars beneath his eyelid and his entire body shook and trembled as if he was being electrocuted. His seed shot from his cock endlessly. In the past, when he would come, it would be a really good feeling but short-lived. This was nothing like that. This was the opposite. In the past when he came the pleasure was localized to his cock but now he felt like his entire body was orgasming.

Once he began to come down, he reached for the remote, about to turn it off. But then he stopped himself. He wondered what would happen if he let it keep going. So he rolled onto his stomach to change the angle in which the massager was embedded in him. He lifted himself up on his hands and knees. Just as he suspected, the toy pushed down on his prostate. Once again intensifying the sensations he was feeling. He reached behind thrusting it deeper and then pulled out a little bit and did it again.

He buried his face in his pillow to keep from screaming because what he was feeling was unlike anything he could recall ever experiencing. He couldn’t believe that he was attempting to go for a third orgasm. It seemed almost crazy.

Usually he was a one-and-done type of guy. Maybe two times in a night if he was with a really hot girl but what he was feeling was turning him insatiable. He continued to play with the toy pulling it in and out. He grabbed the remote and tried different settings, each one affected him in a different way that he absolutely loved.

It was hard for him to decide what settings to leave it on. Then he decided to try something really daring. Even as he pushed and pulled the toy, he didn’t pull it all the way out. He left the bulbous part still inside, but now he was taking a risk, pulling the entirety of it out and then thrusting it back in. It went in much more easily than he would’ve imagined.

He must have loosened up a great deal as he played with himself. Realizing how easy it was to take out and pushed back in he started doing it over and over again. Thrusting in the full vibrator which was causing him to feel yet another set of sensations that he had been unfamiliar with in the past.

He knew he was in for another mind blowing orgasm and that he was going to be a sore and exhausted the next day, but he didn’t care. At the moment, he was lost in own pleasure as he felt another orgasm on the brink. He shoved the toy all the way as deep as it would go and held it there as pleasure shot through his body for third time in a row. This time he came so hard that he felt dizzy. His seed make streaks across the bed beneath him and his body shook for what seemed like an eternity.

Eventually, he collapsed on the bed turning off the massager. He reached behind and pulled it out and he immediately felt completely empty. He hated that feeling now that he knew what it felt like to be full. He laid in bed curled up in a ball trying to make sense of everything he had experienced.

It had been so intense. It was hard for him to believe that his body could be made to feel that way. He got up on shaky legs and took the massager to the bathroom where he cleaned it and then dried it afterwards. He sat it in a drawer in his bedside stand. After that he climbed in the shower again, this time trying to do something with the mess of lube, come and sweat all over his body.

He scrubbed himself down unable to believe he needed another shower so soon. He would have to make notice of that in the future. That way if he needed sleep for work or something he wouldn’t begin such an involved session.

After he was all clean, he stepped out the shower and dried off. He put on a clean pair of pajama pants and then realized his bed was a mess. He quickly changed the sheets and with that done he finally got to climb into bed and relax.

He stared at the ceiling again with a thousand thoughts racing through his head.  

He picked up his phone and sent a group text to Scott and Tony that read: Scott was right. The prostate massager really is the most intense possible orgasm or three for that matter.

Tony messaged back: THREE?!?!

Scott messaged: LOL! I told you both!

With a smile on his face, Jason typed out his response: Yes, it was just that good and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Tony’s response to that made Jason laugh out loud, though he should’ve expected it given what he knew about his friend. Tony said to Scott: I changed my mind, send me Jessica’s number, after all.

Scott’s next response was a phone number.

Jason shook his head as he texted them both: You two are ridiculous. I’m headed to bed.

Both of them wished him a good night and he sat his phone back down on the nightstand. He curled up in a ball and tried to will himself to fall asleep, but he had a hard time doing so because he was still trembling as remnants of pleasure ran through his body.

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