Husband Pleasures Wife with A Vibrating Wand

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I collapsed on the tattered green couch in the family room and kicked off my heels. I pulled out my hairpin letting my auburn locks fall from my bun over my shoulders. It wasn’t until I was sitting there with my eyes closed pinching away the impending headache that I noticed something was wrong. The house was quiet. Far too quiet. I lifted myself up from the couch.

Where are my children?

I stepped into the hall, listening for the sounds of stomping, laughing, fighting, video games, any indication that I wasn’t alone, but heard nothing. Instead I smelled something. Something wonderful. Roasted chicken.

Philip knew how to cook three things, out of them, roasted chicken with sautéed vegetables was my favorite. So my husband was home, but my kids were not? I headed towards the kitchen with a wiry grin on my lips.

I leaned against the frame of the door. Philip ran rushed back and forth across the kitchen making something as simple as dinner look far more complicated than it actual was. He hadn’t noticed me yet, so I stood there admiring his dark hair, his square jaw, his toned physique under his long sleeve crew shirt. He wasn’t just a handsome man, he was a good man too. I was glad to have him.

“I don’t know what you’ve done with my children, but I hope it’s something legal. Else, wife or not, I’m afraid I’m going to have to testify against you.”

He looked up from the pan he was using to sauté the vegetables with a confused expression. “Wait, you didn’t want me to drop them off in Mexico and drive away really fast?”

I rolled my eyes. “I gave up on that plan last Tuesday.”

He bit his bottom lip. “Uh oh.”

I stepped into the kitchen and inhaled deeply. “Smells delicious.”

“Only the best for my future partner,” he said as he checked on the chicken.

“But I thought we were already partners,” I teased, pretending like I didn’t know what he meant.

For the past few months, I’d been trying to make partner, which meant working endless hours and coming home exhausted. Philip was so supportive. He picked up the slack, spending extra time with the kids and taking care of anything I needed in order to help me reach my goals. Like I said, he was a good man.

“In everything,” he said so intently that I lost my breath. “By the way, I left the gremlins at your mom’s for the weekend. I just want you to have some time to relax and unwind before venturing back into the pit.”

Weekends seemed to disappear in an instant for me lately. I found myself working most Saturdays and I was using Sundays to catch up on all the things I wasn’t getting done during the week.

I headed over to the cabinet to grab a couple of plates. If he was making dinner, the least I could do was set the table.

“Don’t you dare,” he said pointing at me with a spatula. He walked over to my and guided me to dining room table. “I don’t want to catch you doing anything this weekend that could possibly be mistaken for work. I want you to leave everything up to me.” 

As he poured me a glass of wine, I argued, “I’m perfectly capable of setting a table.”

“Pfft,” he said. “Setting a table is easy. Relaxing and letting me show you how much I love you, now that’s a challenge.” His eyes narrowed. “Do you think you can meet it?”

I lifted my glass to him, a smile curving my lips. “Challenge accepted.”

I sat there like the Queen of England while Philip took care of everything. I was glad it was chicken and not steak because had he cut my meat for me, we would have had to have a talk.

Dinner was delicious. He was well practiced at the few things he could cook, but tonight tasted like he’d put in extra effort. I’d have to come up with some way of thanking him.

After we finished eating we cuddled up in front of the TV. I had several shows I needed to catch up with and a quiet house made it so much easier.

But by the third episode my focus was no longer on the TV, but instead the warmth emanating from my husband. My hand traced its way across his chest causing him to look down at my face. My eyes must have conveyed exactly what was on my mind because he clicked off the TV and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

In our bedroom, he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me deeply. He had always been a good kisser. Our very first kiss, I literally saw stars and he only got better with time. Over the years we’re learned each other’s bodies. He knew exactly how to touch me to send me reeling. And the same was true for me. I’d memorized every inch of him over the years. I knew how to make him groan, how to make him instantly hard and how to make him gasp because the pleasure was just too much.

We knew each other. There were no secrets between us, no hesitation, no shame. He peeled off my suit, dropping each piece on a nearby chair. I pulled his shirt over his head, and licked his bare chest.

He kissed his way down my neck, slipping off my bra as he worked his way down to my nipples. He took one between his teeth, flicking his tongue over it as he grabbed the sides of my panties and pulled them down my shapely thighs.

With me naked, he pulled off his pants and boxers in one quick movement. Then he advanced forward sending me backwards until I was stopped by the bed.

“Lie down and roll onto your stomach,” he ordered.

I did as he requested and climbed onto my stomach. I waited there with anticipation of what he might do next. Would he take me right away? Fucking me hard and fast? Would he take things slow? Teasing every inch of me until I begged for release? I’d seen so many sides to him over the years, I never knew what exactly to expect.

He opened the drawer on the bedside table and pulled out my magic wand and plugged it in. I couldn’t help but perk up thinking of past times he used it on me, how hard I came again and again. Or when I was alone with it cradled between my thighs, him in my thoughts. Sometimes when one of us was out of town on business, we’d call each other late at night. I’d touch the wand to my clit as I listened to his deep sensual voice tell me exactly what he wanted to do to me.

He climbed on the bed and straddled my back. Moments later, his strong, large hands were massaging my shoulders. I moaned, the tensions of the week melting from my body with each firm squeeze.

Then he used the wand, working his way down my back, paying close attention to each and every tense muscle. 

His cock rested between my ass cheeks as he massaged his way down my back. By the time he was rubbing circles in my flesh, I was a puddle beneath him. He ran the wand over my ass, the vibrations tickling my cheeks, then down each leg, massaging with his free hand as he went.

He rolled me onto my back and I offered no resistance. He leaned down and kissed my lips, and he kept kissing them until they were swollen and I ached for him so much, I was rubbing my slick thighs together to maintain some semblance of control.

He worked his way down my body with the wand, giving attention to each of my curves. He held my breast and pressed the wand against my rock hard nipples, sending vibrations all the way through my body, straight to my core. I was panting.

He turned off the wand and continued kissing and licking a trail down my body. When he parted my thighs and stared at my glistening wetness, I lost even that semblance of composure. My back arched and I lifted my hips from the bed, thrusting my wet pussy towards his face. “Please,” I begged.

He didn’t make me suffer for long. He dived into my pussy, licking and sucking, sending shockwaves through me. I could barely stay still, so much nervous energy building inside me, threatening to explode at any moment.

I grasped his dark strands between my fingers, my ass lifting from the bed, trying to get more of his skilled tongue.

He darted his tongue inside of me, fucking my hole and making my toes curl. “Oh, Philip,” I cried out.

He stopped and looked up at me from between my thighs. “Don’t come yet.” He ordered before going right back to assaulting my pussy just as intensely as he had before.

Was he insane? As horny as I was? As much as I needed to come? As good as his tongue felt inside of me? Did he really thing I could hold back? He clearly had lost his damn mind.

Still holding his hair, I grinded against his face, faster and faster with my orgasm building to a crescendo until it spilled over causing my entire body to shake violently as I came so hard I was dizzy.

He kept licking me until my jolts slowed and finally stopped. Once I was on the bed panting, he looked up at me and said. “I told you not to cum.”

I could barely keep my eyes open, I was so wiped. I mumbled, “Sorry.” Not sorry.

He climbed out of bed. “Looks like I’m going to have to punish you.”

Even though I’d just cum, another gush of wetness spread between my legs. I loved when he acted all alpha male in bed. I lifted up on my shoulders and watched him, curious as to what my ‘punishment’ might be.

I quirked a brow when he picked up the magic wand again. One of us didn’t seem to understand the definition of punishment.

He positioned himself behind me on the bed. I was cradled in his arms, my legs draped over his, meaning he had control over how wide I spread mine.

He held me against his broad chest and lowered the wand between my legs, the vibrations mostly against my lips. I closed my eyes and relaxed against him enjoying the sensation.

He pressed a bit deeper, and my lips spread, now the wand pressed again my inner lips, sending waves of pleasure throughout my entire pussy. My breathing began to increase, my hips rolled to meet the vibrations.

He kissed my temple. “Feel good?”

I nodded. “Mhmmm, feels really good.”

Slowly, my orgasm built with him sliding the vibrator up and down my soaked pussy. Eventually, I reached my limit and came with the vibrations spreading through my entire body, my inner lips fluttering against the magic wand.

It wasn’t the same as a clitoral orgasm, instead of intense and focused, it was all consuming. I could feel it from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

After I stopped shaking, I expected Philip to pull the vibrator away. I might have been able to come multiple times in a row, but even I needed a break.

I realized he wasn’t going to stop, so I tugged at his arm indicating I was done, though I assumed that was obvious. 

But instead of stopping, he just spread his legs which opened mine wider and raised the wand so that it was against my clit. And then he had the audacity to flip it up a notch increasing the speed. 

My eyes widened in realizing. He had said he was punishing me, didn’t he? This was my punishment! When it came to physical strength, mine was laughable compared to my husband, so if he decided I was cumming a third time, I was cumming a third time. Unless I wanted to put up a fuss, all that was left was to lay back and try to enjoy the ride.

The intensity of the vibrations were intolerable. Something that bordered on discomfort, but not quite. All I knew was every synapsis in my brain was telling me that this was too much. Far too much. But if that weren’t enough, Philip moved the wand in circles, rolling my clit as if the vibrating motor wasn’t enough.

I felt like I was falling over a cliff. I reached back and dug my nails into his strong arms. I needed something to grab ahold of and he was my anchor, even now.

The buildup in my body was like a march. With gritted teeth, I tried to close my legs, anything to lessen the sensations that were so strong it seemed like I would go mad from them. But he held me fast, milking every drop of pleasure from my body. In that moment, I felt completely and utterly his. Nothing else existed but us. I had no worries, no concerns. Life wasn’t full of board meetings and twelve hour days and screaming kids.

All that existed was this bed, this moment and the wall shaking pleasure that slammed against me again and again until I couldn’t take it anymore.

When I came it was with a scream, arching my back so high I raised off the bed. My orgasm almost knocked me out with its intensity. But what was even better was the sweet relief when the vibrator was pulled away. The cool air blowing against my impossibly sensitive pussy.

I collapsed against him, my eyes half-closed. “Wow, that was amazing. You’re amazing,” I said with a satisfied smile on my lips.

“We’re not done. I haven’t cum yet,” he pointed out.

My eyes shot open. Please tell me he’s down for a handy. “Philip,” I whimpered.

“On your hands and knees. You’ve gotten three orgasms, it’s only fair I get one.”

I glared at him before somehow finding the strength to get up on my hands and knees.

He moved behind me and I trembled imagining his hardness against my raw pussy.

As he thrust inside me, I could feel every inch of him. My pussy fluttering in post-orgasmic response. After he was all the way in, I realized that as long as he left my clit alone, I’d be okay.

My walls hugged his cock like an old time friend. He felt so good instead me, I couldn’t believe I hesitated for one minute to let him in. “Fuck me, fuck me hard,” I begged.

He grabbed my hips and did just that. He pulled out to the very tip and slammed all the way back in. Because I was so sensitive, his every thrust was amplified a dozen times over. I clutched the sheets in front of me and buried my face in the mattress to muffle the humiliating nonsensical sounds that flooded my mouth as he pounded me.

He took me hard and fast, showing little mercy to my well-used pussy. And at that moment, that was exactly what I wanted. He always knew not only what I wanted, but what I needed. That had to be some sort of super power.

His rock hardness, stretched my insides, causing another orgasm to build inside of me. I couldn’t believe it. But he’d been thrusting against untouched parts, ones eager to fire off the pleasure centers of my brain.

I spread my knees further apart so that each thrust could go deeper.

A buzz sounded and my mouth fell open as I felt the wand between my legs again. Now he as he was pounding my pussy, the magic wand was sending shockwaves through my clit.

He increased his speed and I knew he was close. So was I, so damn close.

He turned the wand up to max and I screamed in pleasure too intense to be tolerable. I literally saw stars as he pounded me. My mouth hung open and I tried not to drool, I was losing all composure and there was nothing I could do about it.

I had to wonder if a person could go crazy from cumming too much and too hard. If it was possible, I was certainly on the verge. But once again, my peak smashed into me as if I’d run head first into a wall. It made my pussy spasm and milk the fat cock thrusting inside me.

That must have been enough to send him over the edge too because with a deep thrust he tensed against me and started to fill me with his hot seed. He groaned as jet after jet coated my insides. My wanting body drank it up greedily.

After he filled me with his warm cum, he collapsed on the bed pulling me into his arms.

I was done for. I couldn’t form a single coherent thought at that point. All I knew was that every inch of me ached, but not in a bad way, it was that wonderful kind of ache that left a person boneless. I felt safe, loved, and thoroughly satisfied.

We laid there not moving for what felt like forever, just trying to regain some sort of composure.

Philip’s grip on my tightened, nestling me even closer to him, if that was possible. He planted soft kisses on the side of my face before asking, “Work still have you stressing out?”

I had to laugh. Was he serious? Sleepily, I answered. “I can barely remember what my name is, let alone where I work.”

Even though I couldn’t see his face, I could sense him smiling behind me. “Then I think it’s fair to say my work here is done.”

I chuckled. “At least for today.” I rolled over to face him. “One day, the monsters will return and I’ll need you to vanquish them.”

Philip held up the magic wand like he was brandishing a sword and clicked it on for effect. He looked at me with intense stoicism. “When the days seem too long, and the nights too short. When your head hurts and your muscles ache. I’ll be ready.”

I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. Like I said, he was a good man.

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