Rhythmic thrusting masturbation with my new vibrator

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The day had finally come. My dildo would finally be arriving – I felt like I had been waiting for weeks. I had ordered it online on a Monday after playing with myself. I had been using my hands, the only tool I had when it came to getting off, but it couldn’t quite get me there. Maybe I had become too used to the feeling of my fingers on my clit, or maybe I just needed something new and exciting. Either way, I wanted something else to play with and do all the work. I wanted something to fill me up while paying attention to my clit at the same time, which was why I ended up buying a little rabbit vibrator. I had heard so many good things about it.

The delivery had arrived in the morning on Friday, right before I left for work, and as I signed for it I couldn’t help but lick my lips. It was finally here. My cheeks went red as the delivery man handed the box over to me, and part of me was convinced he knew what was in it. With a quick smile I thanked him and set the box down on my bed before I headed for work. I had no time to even look at it, let alone use it. I’d have to wait a good 8 hours before I could get my hands on it.

All day at work I thought about the toy being inside of me, fucking me and working my clit at the same time. As I typed at my desk I had to squeeze my thighs together to relieve some of the tension, and I was seriously considering going home early just to play with myself. I stuck it out all day, heading home as quick as I could, determined to get into my bed and have some fun. The weekend was ahead of me, and I planned on staying in bed all day with my little friend.

The package was waiting in the same place for me when I got back, and I quickly ripped it open with a small knife, pouring the toy out onto the bed. It stood out in the packaging, all pretty and sleek, and as I touched it I gasped at how soft it felt.

“God, this is gonna feel amazing,” I said with a shocked laugh.

I scooted back on my bed after I took my heels off, laying against the pillows with a sigh. It had been a long day. A long, teasing day that I was thankful to say goodbye to. My white blouse soon came off, along with my black, lace covered bra, leaving me naked from the waist up. I had teased myself all day, and for some reason I kept on doing it, and instead of filling up my pussy with the toy, I played with my tits. My hands cupped my breasts, giving them a soft squeeze before I let my thumbs gently rub at my nipples. Low sighs left my mouth as I began to pinch at them, rubbing each of the buds between my fingers.

My hands then creeped down my stomach, pulling down the zipper of my skirt and yanking it down my legs. I gasped when I pressed a hand against my panties, shocked at how damp I was. I knew I was wet, but I didn’t realise I was that soaked. A small laugh left my mouth at how drenched I was before I pulled down the flimsy black material of my panties.

One finger pressed into my aching hole, coating it completely in my juices. I ran that finger slowly up my slit before pressing it against my clit. A long, loud sigh of relief left me as I was finally pleasing myself. I rubbed at my begging, pink bud for a minute before I picked up my new toy with a smile. God, it was big, and so soft too, and I whined as I wondered what it would feel like. I didn’t have to wonder anymore, though.

I ran the purple tip against my wet slit, letting my juices soak it. I pressed it against my clit, a whine leaving my mouth at the feeling. God, I was desperate. Bringing the toy up to my mouth, I let my plump lips wrap around it, letting my spit cover the toy nice and good. I could taste just a hint of my pussy on it, the smell filling up my nose as well, and I hummed, loving the taste of myself.

When I was finally satisfied I pulled the dildo from my mouth with a low gasp before I turned it on. I marvelled at how it thrusted at a nice, slow speed, perfect for warming my pussy up and getting me ready for a harder fuck. I turned the speed up a little bit more, my lips parting as it thrusted faster, and then I turned it up again and whimpered loudly as it thrusted at a fast, fluent pace.

“Fuck,” was all I could manage to get out.

I turned it off for a second and lined it up with my tight pussy, pushing the tip inside of me with a sigh of relief. God, it felt so soft and warm in my pussy, and I pushed it in further so that the ears were just resting against my clit. The soft ears were grazing my bud, providing me with a little sense of relief.

With a wide smile I turned the vibrator on, starting off with the slowest setting. I gasped loudly, grasping at the sheets beneath me in shock as it moved in and out of me at a nice, slow pace. I moaned, my legs spreading wider as the toy already started taking control of me. The soft ears rubbed against my clit, and the thrusting sent vibrations up and down the ears, giving me even more pleasure to my bud.

With my hands free and the dildo gently fucking me, I ran my hands up and down my thighs, feeling my warm and slightly sticky skin. My juices had run down my thighs, my desperation utterly obvious, and I ran my fingers across the sweet tasting liquid. Once my fingers were coated in enough of me I stuck them in my mouth, humming at my candy like taste.

It was time to take things up a notch, and I reached down and turned the dildo up a little bit, the thrusting much more faster and harder than the earlier setting. I whined as it fucked me, the sides of the head rubbing against the walls of my pussy, and the ears once again touching my clit. It felt so good to not have to do any of the work, to have my hands completely open to play with myself how I wanted. I pinched at my nipples and twisted and turned my body on the bed, loud gasps leaving me as the toy didn’t give up.

But I needed more. It was good, so good, but I needed more, needed the toy to really take control and fuck me. All the reviews said the toy left people feeling completely exhausted but satisfied. I needed that. I had needed it ever since I ordered it on Monday.

My hands were fast to turn the speed up again, and my eyes practically rolled into the back of my head at the surge of pleasure that hit me. “Fuck!” I screamed out, letting the toy fuck me good and hard. It was so fast, so fluent, keeping up that same perfect, never ending pace. This was better than a real cock. The ears felt even better on my clit now, rubbing against my little bud hard and fast as the toy carried on filling me up and stretching me.

“Oh God, oh God,” I whined, my body shaking. I had to turn over from how fidgety I was, but still, the toy stayed wedged inside my pussy, like it didn’t want to let go, still thrusting into me, still fucking me just how I liked it.

It didn’t take long for the high setting to send me flying, and I shook wildly on my hands and knees, my whole body on fire as my orgasm hit me out of nowhere. Shrieks escaped my mouth as my weak hand pulled the toy out of me, placing it by my head, vibrating and thrusting away since I was too in shock to turn it off.

“Jesus Christ,” I whined, my face in my pillows and my ass in the air. God, that was worth the wait. That was everything I imagined it feeling like. I felt my pussy dripping, completely soaked, and my juices ran down my thighs even more. As I flipped over my juices ran down to my ass, coating my asshole, the coolness of the liquid feeling fantastic against my skin. As the juices continued to pool around my ass, a thought suddenly hit me.

With a smirk, my hands opened up my bedside table and pulled out some lube, squeezing out onto my fingers and rubbing it against my ass. I applied some to the dildo as well before flipping back over again, my ass in the air and my tits against the mattress. My nipples grazed against the sheets as I pushed myself back and forth, shaking my ass a little before I turned the toy off and pressed it to my little hole.

Pushing just the head in made me gasp and cry out, sighing at how full my ass felt. I switched it on, picking the lowest setting, and a second later I started seeing stars. It fucked my ass at the perfect pace, nice and slow, just at the right angle so that I felt myself being stretched out. My fingers were quick to duck underneath and pinch at my nipples before I snuck down to my pussy, rubbing one finger up and down my soaked slit. I pushed a finger inside of me, then one more, curling them slowly, causing my knees to tremble.

The fucking my ass was getting was good, but I needed something harder than that. With my right hand still playing with my pussy, I used my free hand to turn up the setting on the toy.

“Oh, fuck!” I yelled, falling face first into the mattress. The thrusting was so much faster, so much harder, so much better. I whimpered into my pillows, biting down on them as the toy controlled my ass. I couldn’t even touch my pussy, but I felt myself getting closer and closer anyway. I so badly wanted to touch my clit, though. I wanted to feel all the sensations at the same time, so I shakily picked up a pillow and shoved it underneath me. My hot, wet pussy pressed against it, sitting myself on top of it so my clit was at the best angle. That was all I could do. That was all I could handle with an ass stuffed with my toy.

I began to grind against the pillow, sighing in relief as the soft, plump pillows pressed against my clit. I moved my body up and down, circling my hips a little against the softness, crying out as my bud finally got the pleasure it so badly needed. With my ass getting fucked with my toy, I rubbed even harder, grinding my lower body into the pillow hard, soaking the wet material completely. The angle I was in meant my nipples were pressed right up against the top of the pillow too, and each time I moved myself up and down, pleasuring my clit, my nipples felt like they were being played with. It felt like I had a cock in my ass, fingers on my clit, and lips against my nipples – all at the same time.

I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I came loud and hard, my ass shaking as the toy continued to fuck me. I soaked my pillow as I came, and soon a shocked laugh left me at what just happened. I couldn’t believe the absolute pleasure that had taken over me.

This was going to be a great weekend.

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