Roommates play with Hitachi magic wand

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My roommate always had a bad habit of not knocking… But one day it came in handy.

I was in heaven with my Hitachi wand between my legs, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as my free hand pinched at my nipples. My laptop was open, porn on the screen: two women with tongues dancing together, their hands rubbing up and down each other’s toned bodies. It was on mute, no sound at all as I didn’t wanted to alert my roommate Stacey what I was up to. The wand was already making me paranoid, and I didn’t want her to have any reason for her to come into my room.

But I just happened to let out a moan when the wand hit me clit at the most perfect angle, and it had my toes curling. Screams left my mouth, unable to contain myself. The pleasure was just far too much, far too good, and I pressed the wand harder against my clit.

“Melissa, are you okay in there?” Stacey asked, shoving my bedroom door open. “I heard – oh shit, sorry!” She screamed, taking in the sight of my nude body.

My cheeks went red and I pulled at the only sheet around me, desperate to cover up my body. “Jesus, learn to fucking knock!” I yelled. My body might have been covered up, but my wand wasn’t, and of course my laptop was playing that stupid porno I had put on earlier. What a way for Stacey to find out I like girls.

“Shit, are you watching lesbian porn?” She asked with a grin, kneeling on my bed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I whined.

“Sorry, I just… Hey, I’ve seen this one,” she nodded towards my laptop. “Great ending,” she winked.

“Wait, what? You watch… You watch stuff like this?” I asked, looking her up and down. I had only ever seen Stacey with guys.

“Yeah, I mean, girls are hot. Why not?” She shrugged.

“You’re into girls?”

“I guess. I dunno. I don’t label myself or whatever. What about you?” She asked with a tilted head.

“I… I like girls…” I murmured nervously.

“Cool,” she shrugged again like it was no big deal. “Sorry for just barging in like that. My bad. I’ll knock next time.”

“Or you could just…” My voice trailed off, my cheeks going red as I stopped myself.

“Could what?”

“Maybe you could…. I dunno, since we both like girls… I dunno…”

“We could play together?” Asked Stacey with a grin, her eyebrows raised. “Hm. You are pretty gorgeous, and it is a shame a girl as pretty as you is reduce to playing with herself. Are you sure you’re okay with it? It won’t make things weird?”

“No. I’ve thought about you… Like that… Since I met you,” I admitted. Yeah, I had a bit of a crush on my roommate, but who wouldn’t? She was gorgeous, all tall with a round ass and big tits. No one could blame me for wanting to be with her.

“I guess we have that in common,” she whispered, crawling towards me slowly. Her blue eyes locked onto mine, suddenly filled with lust as she straddled me, the sheet and her clothes in between us. She leaned down and kissed me softly, and my lips quickly parted, letting her push her tongue into my mouth. It was a slow, gentle kiss, and soon she was pulling the sheets away from me, revealing my warm, naked body to her. “God, you’re pretty,” she whispered. Her head ducked down and her soft lips wrapped around one of my nipples, sucking on it with a soft whimper. She got to work on the other one, and I finally found the confidence to touch her back, my hands running through her soft locks.

“That feels so good,” I said with a small moan. “Feels so nice.”

“Yeah?” She asked, pulling away from me and pushing the sheets away some more. She eyed my purple toy with a grin, raising her eyebrows suggestively at it. “This thing looks like fun.”

“It is,” I giggled shyly.

“How about I try it on you? I’d just love to play with your pussy, baby.” She said, and I nodded slowly in response. “Let me get you nice and wet first.”

I was already perfectly wet from playing with myself earlier, and I was pretty sure Stacey knew that too from staring down at my glistening pussy. She licked her lips, her thumbs gently parting my lips as she blew some cool air on my clit. I gasped at the feeling, grasping my pillow as she moved closer and closer to my clit. With a low hum she wrapped her lips around my soft bud, sucking my clit into her mouth as I sighed. My fingers played with her hair and I kept her head in place as she sucked harder, one of her fingers reaching up to slide into my wet cunt. She curled her fingers, moving them inside me at the most perfect angle.

“Mm, so tight,” she murmured against my pussy before licking a stripe up my cunt. She started at my hole and licked all the way up to swollen clit. She lapped at my bud with a moan, batting her eye lashes at me. “Let’s gets your little toy out.”

Stacey reached over me and grabbed the wand, staring at it curiously and with that grin that seemed to never leave her face. She switched it on and a low buzzing filled up the room, and her eyes trailed from the toy to my wet slit. She licked me one last time before gently pressing the wand to my clit, and I quickly arched my back – my swollen clit was just aching to be touched.

“Fuck, Stacey,” I whimpered. “Please.”

She pressed harder, watching my pussy and my face in awe, occasionally licking her lips. “Does that feel good, baby?”


“You were in here all alone just playing with yourself, but you could have just asked me, honey.”

“Fuck,” I whined when she crawled up to me, the wand still on my clit as she pulled me into a deep kiss. I could taste my pussy on her lips and I sighed into the kiss, my hands wrapping around the back of her head and pulling her in close. Our tongues met, the taste of my cunt even more evident, and she pulled away with a moan.

“Hm. You like the taste of yourself, honey? You like the way your pretty little pussy tastes?”


“Of course you do. Dirty girl, playing with your sweet little pussy while I was in the next room,” she said with a pout. “Who knew you’d be such a filthy little girl?”

“Oh, Stacey,” I whined, desperate for release. I needed to cum. I was so close before, and then Stacey just barged in, and now she was being a tease. “Please do it harder.”

“Do what harder?”

“You know what.”

“No, tell me baby.”

“Ugh, my clit! Please, play with it harder,” I begged, grabbing her hand and trying to push her further against me.

“Oh, right,” she laughed sarcastically. Who knew she’d be such a little tease? “Sorry, my bad, honey. You want it harder? Here, I’ll play with your little clit harder…” She moaned, pressing the wand at just the right angle. My clit throbbed underneath it and I could feel myself getting more and more soaked. The vibrations were far too much, and then Stacey kissed me again, her soft lips feeling like heaven.

My legs spread wider, wanting so badly to feel more of the toy on my clit. I felt myself trembling and Stacey moaned loudly into my mouth, her tongue pushing into me as she rubbed the wand around a little, circling my clit. She pulled at my bottom lip with her teeth and then it was it for me, and I found myself screaming out her name as I came.

“Fuck,” I whined. “Fuck, oh God.” I had to slap her hand away, my clit feeling too sensitive, and she set the toy aside with a grin.

“Damn, you look pretty when you cum,” she winked. “And you get real fucking loud.”

“You’d be loud too if you had that thing on you,” I panted.

“Hm. Sounds like a bet. Wanna play with my pussy then? Wanna use your toy on me?” She asked with a pout. “Come on, baby. Play with my pussy. I bet you’ve thought about touching me before, and now you have the real thing in front of you.” She kneeled on the bed, pulling off her short dress and revealing her bare, large tits. She scooted down and pulled her panties off, touching them with a smile. “Hm. So wet.”

I moaned at the sight and watched as she straddled me, her fingers darting into her mouth and covering them with spit. She lowered her digits down to her pussy and rubbed hard and fast, throwing her head back with a moan.

“Hm, baby, use it on me. Fuck me, please,” she begged.

My fumbling hands picked up the soaked wand, turning it on quickly and staring at Stacey’s soaked slit. She was all pink and swollen and absolutely dripping. Her juices ran down her thighs and landed on my stomach, making me want more. I pressed the wand against her little clit and she let out a sigh of relief, her hands coming up to cup her tits. She pulled at her nipples, whimpering at the vibrations on her clit.

“Oh, honey, so good,” she moaned.

“Yeah? That feel nice?” I asked.

“So nice, baby. Fuck, play with my little clit. Just like that,” she cried out, her eyes fluttering shut as she played with her nipples some more.

As I held the wand against her she began to grind against it, rubbing her wet, swollen slit up and down. She rotated her hips, circling herself against the toy, making sure her clit felt every bit of pleasure.

“Turn it up,” she begged. “Oh fuck, please turn it up.”

I nodded and did as I was told, and her screaming managed to get even louder. She fucked herself harder against the wand, rubbing her clit faster. She pretty much grabbed it from my hands and began rubbing it up and down her slit, looking absolutely desperate.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” she growled, staring down at me with dark eyes. “Gonna cum all over you, sweet girl. God, feels so fucking good on my clit.”

I smiled at the thought, licking my lips as she took control and used the toy on her clit as she pleased. Her whines and cries got louder, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, her bare ass resting against me. Her skin felt so warm on mine, and it was one last pinch to her own nipple that sent her crazy. I had never seen anything so fucking hot.

“Fuck!” She cried out, letting the wand fall to her side.

She squirted all over me, spraying me with her juices, coating my face and chest. I gasped at the feeling, feeling both cool and warm at the same time, and a shocked laugh left my mouth. Some of her juices landed in my mouth, and I swallowed with a hum. She tasted good. Everything about her tasted good. I eyed her slit and licked my lips at her absolutely swollen looking clit. It looked like it was throbbing, just like mine was earlier, and I reached up and gave it a small rub with my thumb.

“Mm, babe, too sensitive!” She whimpered, sighing and falling to my side. She leaned down and kissed me, our juices combining as our tongues met. “Mm, I covered you real good, didn’t I?” She asked with a smirk, her hands running over my soaked face.

“You did, and you were loud as well too,” I smirked. “Looks like you lost that bet!”

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