Secretary's Panties Make Her Scream in Orgasmic Bliss

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Megan was a modern woman. She was an executive assistant madly in love with her boss. It wasn’t her fault really. He was handsome and charming with hair so black it shone in certain lights and eyes so blue that sometimes she imagined they had to be painted on. His square jaw and chiseled physique didn’t make things any easier on her either.

She tried her best to remain professional. But every time he would start dictating a letter, or giving a set of instructions, she would stare up at him all dreamy eyed and pathetic. During those early days she wondered how she managed to keep her job. After all, she was completely obvious. Anyone taking a look at her knew that she had a terrible case of puppy love and they made fun of her for it relentlessly. But she had grown up the nerdy girl with the boring brown hair and glasses, she was used to being made fun of.

She didn’t care. The only thing she cared about was being able to stay in his presence.

One day, as they were working late at night, he made an off-color joke and she laughed hysterically, as girls do when the guy they like make a joke. He then made a second joke about her reporting him to HR for what he just said.

She looked at him in wide-eyed disbelief and promised, “No matter what you did to me, I would never go to HR.” It took a few seconds for her words to even register. She hadn’t intended to say, ‘no matter what you do to me,’ she had intended to say, ‘no matter what you do.’ When she caught her mistake, her cheeks turned red. As she looked away embarrassed, Darrell lifted her chin with one finger forcing her to gaze into his eyes.

Eyes that she could get lost in. And he leaned in and he kissed her. She saw stars. It was just as magical as she had imagined a thousand times in bed as she dreamed of him.

He took her right then and there on his desk and that’s how their six month affair began. They didn’t go on dates or talk about their personal lives. She knew he was single, so wasn’t anything like that, but it was strange, the relationship they had, if it could be called that. But at the same time it was exciting and taboo.  Plus she was so desperately in love with him that she was happy to have him anyway she could.

That day she walked into his office and lay down the paperwork that he needed to go through as she began to run him through his schedule. “There’s a meeting with the rest of the office at 10, then the only other appointment you have for today is at 3 PM with the client Anderson Sports Equipment.”

His nose was already in the papers that she given him. He looked through them figuring out everything that he needed to get done for the day. After he closed one file and opened the next without even making eye contact he said to her, “Take off your panties and place both of your hands on the desk.”

There was a time in the past where she would’ve nervously hesitated, where she would’ve giggled and tried to negotiate, but she learned better. When she made him wait, sometimes he’d take off his belt and spank her. The first time he did it she sat up all night looking at the pink marks on her butt, squeezing her thighs together trying to combat her arousal. She was absolutely useless the next day having gotten no sleep.

Fortunately, he hadn’t held her inability to work against her. Instead he bent her over the couch, fucked her hard and then let her take a nap under his jacket. God did she love that man.

She stood there pantyless, with her hands on the desk, waiting for what he would do next. She would patiently wait no matter how long it took for him to acknowledge her. It was all part of the game.

After he gone through the last of the files, he stood up pulling something out of his pocket. Megan could only get a glimpse of it before he was behind her, but it look like some sort of black fabric. Her heart raced as he stood behind her. She had no idea what he might do next. Maybe he was just gonna lift up her skirt and take her from behind leaving her bowlegged for the rest of the day. Not that she would complain. Maybe that piece of cloth in his hand was a gag. Maybe he intended to stuff it in her mouth so that she couldn’t make too much noise while he had his way with her.

A hundred different scenarios ran different through her head. Each one more perverse than the one before it. But instead he knelt down and said, “Lift up your right foot.”

She did as instructed, raising her black heels off the ground. He slipped the piece of fabric over her shoe and up her leg. Glancing down, she could see that it was underwear. She was quite confused. Why would he have her remove one pair of underwear to put on another? It wasn’t like the one she had on were uglier or anything. But if this was what he wanted from her she would happily do it.

She lifted her other foot and he slid it through the hole, then he dragged the panties up her legs and over her bottom until they were in place. The crotch was strange though. Instead of all fabric, under the cloth there was some sort of object. It felt like plastic and it just happened to be the perfect shape to nestle against her. It didn’t take her long to figure out exactly what his little gift was designed to do and it was one thing if he intended to use it while the two of them were alone in his office but they had a meeting today. Would he really do something like that to her at an office meeting?

Who was she kidding? Of course he would! That was one of the many things that made him so seductive. He was a man without limits. He pushed her to new heights and she loved every minute of it. He walked back to his chair. She stood upright and straightened her skirt. He pulled a remote out of his pocket and hit a couple buttons, the next thing she knew the vibrator against her clit was vibrating on what had to be the highest setting.

She felt as though she was sitting on a washing machine. She started coming within seconds. She stood there, riding out the sudden orgasm, trying to keep her balance. “Oh my God!” she gasped.

But he didn’t stop. Even after her orgasms ended and her clit had become sensitive. He still had the vibrator going on high. She looked at him in confusion and he explained, “I never gave you permission to remove your hands from the desk.”

Quickly, she rushed to put her palms back onto the desk. The buzzing between her legs stopped, giving her a moment of sweet relief. She could only imagine how she looked.

Her breathing was heavy. Her cheeks were flush. Even her hair was probably all over the place from the way she jerked and twisted.  

If he had plans to do this the company of others she was done for. When he turned it on, she probably looked as though she was having a seizure the way she jerked. If he did that in front of other people they would probably call her an ambulance and already a dampness was forming on the panties where she came. She thought about being around other people. She wondered if they would be able to scent her arousal.

She had to ask the most immediate question, “You don’t plan on using this in the meeting, do you?”

He had already gone back to his work. He looked up at her from the files. “And what if I do? Is that a problem for you, Ms. McCormick?”

It drove her crazy when he called her by last name. As if everything they were doing was perfectly normal office behavior, but she knew the main reason he did it was to maintain control and she loved when he was in control. “No,” she said, answering his question.

Of course she wouldn’t object, but her answer wasn’t satisfactory.

“No?” he asked as if there was something missing at the end of her sentence.

She quickly corrected herself, “No sir!” and then watched as he went back to dealing with his paperwork.

She tried to keep her head, but time and time again she found herself glancing over at his face. He had such a perfect one after all. His face was part of the reason she found him so hard to defy. The mind blowing orgasms she got from doing the things he wanted was the other. Eventually he looked up at her and said, “You may go back to your desk.”

She stood up straight again. “Thank you, Sir.” She walked out of his office to her desk. Then she sat down and began working on his schedule for the next week when suddenly a soft vibration started between her legs. It wasn’t nearly as intense as when he had set it on high, but she wasn’t expecting it and so the sudden sensation made her squeak in surprise and jump about two feet out of her chair before she realized what was happening.

When she did, she attempted to sit still and simply enjoy the sensation. Fortunately for her, there weren’t any other desk near hers, so even though she was in the open, she had a bit of privacy. As long as no one came looking for Darrell, she would be fine. Eventually she got to the point where she could calm herself enough that she neither reacted to the vibration or the start and stop of it.

She also noted how quiet it was. No one would know. She knew that he had every intention of using it at the meeting and she was being trained to endure. She didn’t mind. She loved being trained by him and the sensations between her legs were phenomenal. Her eyes were glued to the clock which led to her getting very little work done but she knew that he would forgive her for that.

At 9:50, he stepped out of his office holding a couple manila folders. He looked over to her and asked, “Are you ready Ms. McCormick?”

She grabbed a pen and her notepad and stood up. “Yes, Sir. I’m ready!”

The two of them took the elevator down together. She loved just standing next to him. With every step he took it was like his power and sensuality emanated from him. She had no idea how girls could even stand it. Given the inappropriate nature of the relationship and the super embarrassing things she had said since being in his employ, she knew for a fact she had absolutely no resist against the strength of his charms.

They arrived in the meeting room a couple minutes before everyone else. He took his seat at the head of the table facing the whiteboard. She took a seat in a chair by the window near enough to the whiteboard to write or erase anything he requested, but out of the way of the people holding the meeting.

Very soon they began to file in and take their respective seats. Megan was sitting next to two other executive assistants. The chairs were pretty close. She hoped they would not be able to hear the vibrator when it started.

She told herself that the vibrations were quiet enough that they probably shouldn’t notice. She could’ve just been deluding herself. She didn’t want to imagine the kind of scandal such a thing might cause.

The meeting started and one by one the different department heads presented an update on their department to Mr. Hanson. For a moment Megan thought that perhaps he had forgotten about his latest acquisition. She thought maybe she was in the clear, but then suddenly, with no warning, the buzz began. It was more intense than it was when he was training her at her desk but not so intense as when he made her orgasm in a matter of seconds. It was somewhere in the middle. She was pretty sure she’d be able to tolerate the sensation but she hadn’t been considering how long he might leave it on. And he left it on for a very long time.

She sat there folding and unfolding her legs as waves of pleasure vibrated throughout her body. She clenched her thighs together, trying to lessen the sensation but it wasn’t working. She tried her best to focus on what the different department heads were saying, but the only thing she could focus on was the growing build of her orgasm.

She was going to come in front of all these people and she barely had time to fake a good sneeze in order to trick them. One person droned on after another and she tried her best to focus on what they were saying. She hoped none of it was important because all of it was going in one ear and out the other. Her entire world was being reduced to the vibrations between her legs. The feeling was so overwhelming. So demanding. She knew she was gonna come then and there in a room full of people and she didn’t think she could do it in a way that wouldn’t alert each and every one of them.

She had a safeword but how could she bring it up in the middle of business meeting without sounding even more crazy? No. Instead, she would have to accept that she was having an orgasm and she had to find a way to do so as inconspicuously as possible. She fidgeted in her chair a little too much because it drew the attention of the executive assistant sitting next to her. She gave an awkward smile and a wave and then broke eye contact, her gaze falling back onto her boss.

He still acted as though was utterly unaware of anything going on at all. It was frustrating but what could she do? There was nothing she could do, especially considering a few moments later she reached her peak.

She bit her bottom lip and tightened her entire body all in hopes of riding out her orgasm without anyone noticing, though she hoped he would notice. She hoped that he would see that she had come and turn the vibrator off because she couldn’t imagine trying to sit still with so much vibration against her now sensitive clit.

She wouldn’t be able to take it. She would have to jump up and run out the meeting and if that didn’t draw attention, she didn’t know what would. Fortunately, Mr. Hanson was paying close attention and he turned the vibrator off just in time.

“Are you hot?” Sarah, the executive assistant sitting next her, asked.

“No,” Megan said, fanning herself with her pad. “Why do you ask that?”

“Because you’re sweating.” Sarah pointed out.

Megan just gave an awkward chuckle  and looked away, not sure how to respond.

She glanced back at Darrell. He’d been watching the entire exchange, a wicked grin on his face, those blue eyes taunting her. The meeting seemed to droned on forever and when everyone was done and Darrell called an end to it, she was ready to jump up and dash out the room. Yet, somehow she managed to walk at a normal pace, though she didn’t take a full breath until she was behind the closed doors of his office.

A few moments later he walked in behind her.

“Hands on the desk,” he ordered.

She did as she was instructed and he stood behind her and lifted up her skirt  and pushed aside her panties. The tip of the vibrator was still against her clit though. She listened to the sound of his belt unbuckling. She wasn’t sure if she was about to get a spanking or something else. Considering what a good girl she’d been she had a distinct feeling that she wasn’t about to get a spanking and she was right.

A moment later, the tip of his dick pressed against her folds. He thrust into her.

“My God, you’re so wet,” he exclaimed as he slid right in.

“Well I did come two times already,” she said in a tone a little too snarky.

In response he slapped her ass making her groan. He grabbed her by the hips and began pounding her relentlessly. No foreplay. No teasing. He just bent her over and took her like she belonged to him and she loved every bit of it.

She wanted to be his in every way, not just at work but all the time. She was willing to do things for him that no one else would. His very presence turned her world upside down. With the click of the button, the vibrator in her panties was on again. This time on high, sending shockwaves through her amplified only by the rock hard cock pounding her tight hole at the same time.

It was like she was stuck between two amazing, mindblowing and intense sensations. The more she pulled away from one, the more she got the other. She was enjoying herself thoroughly. 

She clawed at his desk trying to grip anything she could but her fingers slid against the polished mahogany. He continued thrusting into her. She could hear his breathing behind her. She knew he wouldn’t make it much longer and neither could she with the vibrator so high. There was no way she was able to hold out and so she found herself coming once again.

This time clinching down hard on her boss’s cock she orgasmed. That was enough to drive him over the edge. He slammed into her one final time, his cock filling her up. Jet after jet coating her tight warm hole until he was spent.

He cut off the vibrator and pulled out. He went to the bathroom connected to his office to clean himself up and once he was done, he instructed her to do the same. He also gave her permission to take off the vibrating panties. She cleaned herself up and put her normal panties back on. She couldn’t help but smile as she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. She had to admit today had been a good day.

She had enjoyed it thoroughly. She might not of been able to have all of him, but the pieces of the she was allowed were amazing. He rocked her world in more ways than she cared to admit. Sex with him wasn’t just the fun, it was more like an Olympic sport.

After she had cleaned up, rearranged her hair and applied new makeup, she stepped out the bathroom ready to continue business for the rest of the day. Mr. Hanson already had his nose back in papers which was no surprise. The man only had to modes: workhorse and sex God and he was back on workhorse mode.

She checked the time. It was almost time for his lunch, if she didn’t make a point to pick something up he would often skip it. She hated the idea of him not getting three square meals a day so she often made a point to go get his lunch. She stepped back into his office and pointed to the front door. “It’s almost noon. I should go pick us up a couple sandwiches.”

He put down his work. “Perhaps you and I could go out and eat at a restaurant instead.”

Her eyes narrowed. She looked at him in confusion. That sounded very much like a date. Was he asking her out? No. He couldn’t be. She tried to clarify, “So you want to go pick up sandwiches with me?” she asked.

“No. I was thinking perhaps a sit down restaurant. Not something that takes reservations, of course, but I’m sure you can find something decent that allows for walk-ins.”

She still couldn’t let herself hope. If the office saw them leave together and come back together there be very little question about why. He would basically be announcing to the entire office that the two of them were involved, even if he didn’t intend to.

Having lunch together had to be a date, so she had to make sure in order to protect his reputation. She chuckled inwardly. She was worried about his reputation.

“Sir, just to be clear… are you asking me out?”

He gave a heavy sigh, “Yes, I am and I really do this, so I’d appreciate it if you’d stop making it so hard for me.”

She jumped up barely able to hide her excitement.  “I’ll find us a place to eat right away, Sir.” She rushed to her desk to find something both cozy and intimate.

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