Semen Erupts As June Uses A Masturbator on Her Husband

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Craig watched the door as he set the table. He glanced back at it as he poured the wine. It was silly really. He was a grown man and yet he felt like a kid on Christmas day. He and his wife were both very busy professionals. They rarely had time to talk to one another let alone have sex. Then one day June was flipping through a magazine and decided, “We should schedule a day once a week to have sex.”

His head whipped in her direction, but her eyes remained focused on the magazine. He had to clear his throat before saying, “Yeah, sure.”

“Thursdays good for you?” she asked.

“Yeah, Thursdays work for me.”

And just like that, their marriage which had gone from sex being relegated to special occasions like birthdays and new years to a weekly event. And it had become exactly that, an event. His wife being the type of person she was, wasn’t simply satisfied with having regular sex every week. No, instead she wanted variety.

She came up with new and interesting ways for them to express their intimacy every week. Some experiments were dismal failures, others caused him to learn things about himself that he never imagined. Like he enjoyed being tied up and spanked. Whodathunk?

June had found a way to turn their sex life into a weekly treat that had him salivating like a trained dog. He hated his lack of control and yet found himself aroused by it too. As he made dinner and watched the door, he found himself rock hard the entire time. Thursdays had become hell for him at the office. It took all his strength to focus on work when all he could think about was what twisted little game would his wife come up with next.

Craig had been staring at a cooling roast beef for thirty minutes and June still wasn’t home. She was officially late. Under most circumstances he wouldn’t have given that a second thought. But it was Thursday and on Thursday everything was heightened, including his irritation. Right before he got up to grab his cell phone, he heard the door unlocking. His wife shuffled in caring her briefcase in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. “Sorry I’m late,” she said. “I stopped by the store and picked up a little treat.”

Suddenly everything was forgiven. As June hung up her coat, Craig walked over to peek into the bag and see what was inside. She waved him away. “Not until after dinner,” she said.

She would make him wait he hated waiting. He sat across from her barely eating. He didn’t really have an appetite, at least not one for food. The mysterious bag was maddening. He had to know what was in it, but he knew his wife usually dragged things out as long as she possibly could. That was one of her favorite games.

“So how was work,” she asked, resting her chin on her hands instead of eating. It was her way of delaying things even further.

Craig pretended as though he wasn’t bothered by it. “Work was fine. Boring as usual. How was your day, dear?”

June started on about her day and Craig’s eyes fell to the bag again and again. Dinner seemed to go in slow motion. A few times he swore that time went back a minute or two. Finally, she finished her meal and she sat back in her chair patting her stomach. Then she said, “Okay, you can open it now.”

Craig rushed over to the bag and inside it was a cardboard box about the size of a shoebox. He pulled it out and opened it and nestled in the center of protective casing was what looked like a fleshlight. He pulled it out confused. It wasn’t until he had pulled the entire thing out and saw the other end that he understood what he was holding. Where there should’ve been a light, there was instead a silicone pussy.

He looked over to June confused. “You bought me a fleshlight?”

June blinked at him innocently. “What? You don’t like it?” From her coy expression he knew she was up to no good and that amplified his arousal tenfold.

“Okay, so what is it exactly that you want me to do with it?”

She rose from her chair. “Let’s go upstairs. I’ll show you there.”

He followed upstairs with the fleshlight in hand, eager to learn more about the game June had a mind. He watched her intently. Curiosity evident in his expression. She sat her laptop on the bed and opened it. If she thought that he needed porn to get ready she was highly mistaken. The bulge in his pants already said that he was more than ready to go but she didn’t turn the screen towards him, she faced it toward herself, away from him. Then she glanced over at him and said, “You can start whenever you’re ready.”

He didn’t know what game she was playing, but he couldn’t wait to find out, so he began unbuttoning his shirt. His pants quickly followed. After that he shed his boxers. He picked up a bottle of lube and aimed it at the fleshlight.

“Not too much,” June warned.

He wondered why she would say that. Did she want things to go quickly for some reason? Whatever the case, he used the smallest amount of lube he felt necessary and then got started thrusting his cock inside the simulated slick folds of the toy.

June said, “Mmmmmm.” But her eyes weren’t on him, instead they were on the monitor. Finally she turned the laptop around to face him and he gawked at it in shock. On the screen was the image of his cock thrusting deep into the toy. He looked over at June with surprise.

“I had a spy cam installed at the tip,” she explained.

He couldn’t help but grin. There was always something new. With him being able to see himself on the screen, being able to watch as he went deeper and deeper inside the toy, added a whole other level to his arousal.

He had thought he had been rock hard before but he had underestimated how utterly erotic tonight would be. Now he was so hard that his balls ached with every thrust. He was already near the verge of coming when June must’ve seen exactly that on his face because she wagged a finger at him and said, “Not so fast, buddy.”

So he did whatever he could to hold on. He closed his eyes so he would no longer be looking at the erotic images in front of him. He tried to think of anything he could that wasn’t arousing. He slowed the rate at which he slipped the fleshlight up and down his throbbing cock but nothing would help for long. He had spent too much of his day anticipating this moment and the surprise of the camera had sent him reeling.

He cracked open one of his eyes and glanced over at his wife. She had turned the monitor back around and was engrossed in the show in front of her. That made it even harder for him to maintain, but he tried his best. His muscles tensed. His teeth ground together. Sweat beaded on his forehead and yet he continued on thrusting into the toy over and over again, trying not to let himself be swept away by his own desires and passions. He wanted to take his time. He wanted to make this just as good for her as it was for him but no matter how much wanted to take things slow, biology would only allow for so much.

His balls tightened and he knew that no matter what he did he wouldn’t be able to make it much longer and so deciding to make things as explosive as possible he increased his grip on the fleshlight and ran it up and down his cock at the speed of light.

He didn’t make it a good ten seconds after doing that. The next thing he knew, his back was arched as he thrust in as far as he could and his semen erupted from his cock.

“Look!” said June.

He opened his eyes. She had turned the laptop around again and he had looked at it just in time to watch streaks of white shoot across the camera. It seemed to go on forever, like it would never stop. Sooner or later, he was done and utterly exhausted. Drained, he slipped the fleshlight off his softening cock and made his way over to the bed and collapsed.

He looked over to his wife and gave a heavy sigh. “I’m sorry I couldn’t last longer.”

Being the wonderful woman that she was she didn’t hold that against him. Instead she cuddled up next to him and caressed his hair. “Don’t worry about it. Believe me. The night is far from being over.”

He smiled at the thought of what would happen next. He wanted to ache in every inch of his body from the amount of exertion she put him through by the time they were done. He laid there trying to catch his breath from that earthshaking orgasm as she started to unbutton her blouse and then slip off her skirt. He watched in silence as she pulled off her lacy underwear and then, without saying a word, she crawled back on the bed  and sat on his face.

While he was tired, there was no way he would refuse such a feast. He ran his tongue along her slit. Her thighs trembled. He grabbed each of them, holding her in place as his tongue parted her lips and dipped inside her folds. She moaned softly, rocking back-and-forth as he stretched his tongue deep as he could go into her hole fucking her with it.

Every now and then, he would move to lap at her clit. She would groan, her pretty voice echoing through their bedroom. She laid down on his chest as he gave her tender folds even more attention, licking and sucking until she was in a frenzy. He loved the sweet taste of her nectar on his face. He loved the smoothness of her thighs against his cheeks. He began to lap at her faster which made her increase the speed  she grinded against his lips. Her breath began to hitch. She was panting as her body began to tremble on top of him. That only made him more passionate in his efforts as he licked up every drop of her sweetness.

Once he had rung her dry, she laid down next to him and now both of them were completely exhausted but well satisfied. He stared into her eyes, stroking her hair as once again his hardness started to rise.

She looked down, then back up at him. “Ready for around two?” she asked.

He smiled at her. The sexy devious grin he knew she just loved. “You know it.”

She picked up the fleshlight and headed into the bathroom. He could hear the water running and his mind raced with ideas of what they might be doing once she returned.

She came back with the toy clean and ready for another round. He pointed to the laptop. “Were you recording that last time?”

“No,” she said.

“Would you like to record it this time?”

She shrugged. “You know I’m up for if you are.”

He was definitely up for it.

She set the laptop up again, but this time instead of handing him the fleshlight, she grabbed his cock, wrapping her fingers around it and slowly jerked him until he was rock hard. Then she took the lube and covered her fingers with it making sure to get his cock nice and wet. Then she did the same thing with the fleshlight, dipping two fingers inside.

Watching her, it almost looked like she was fingering another woman’s pussy which made him bite his bottom lip at the very thought. She clinched the fleshlight and lined it up with the tip of his cock. She brushed the lips against his head, teasing him, before finally bringing down impaling his hardness into silicon flesh.

She did it ever so slowly, as if determined to tease him. She drew the fleshlight up and down his rock hard cock making him clench his fists at his sides to keep from taking it from her and giving himself the kind of relief he needed. Instead he did his best to let her control the situation. To let her take things nice and slow and determine when he would be able to get off. He loved when she got aggressive like that, even if handing over power for him was one of the most difficult things he ever had to do. The degree of eroticism more than paid for any sacrifices he might have to make in the present.

She licked her lips as her eyes trailed up and down his body. “You like that?” She had whispered.

He arched his hips to thrust deeper into the toy as he said with a deep and husky voice, “Yes!”

“Are you sure?” she asked teasingly, speeding up just a bit.

“Oh yeah,” he said even more breathy than last time.

She smiled at him. “That’s a good boy.” When she said that to him something in him was just electrified. He wanted to be good for her. He wanted her to make him feel good which was exactly what she was doing. He combed his fingers through his hair as he watched her. His eyes trailing over her naked body stopping at her firm round breasts and hard nipples.

He reached down to cup them as she continued to jerk him off using the toy. He had just come so he knew he would last much longer, that they would get the pleasure each other for a far longer time. He looked forward to that because even though he she had never used the fleshlight on him before, for some reason knew exactly what to do. She knew exactly how fast to move and how deep to go to send him over the edge. All he had to do was lay back and enjoy the ride.

The room filled with the sound of his slippery cock disappearing into the fleshlight again and again. It was a wet sound that reminded him of plunging into a woman who was very aroused. That’s exactly what it sounded like when she jerked him off with the fleshlight. The light from the laptop caught the corner of his eye and then he remembered that the whole thing was being recorded. He turned and watched as the head of his cock lunged towards the camera then retreated and plunged again with each thrust. Pre-come leaked from the head and he could see every drop of it. I t was a marvel of modern technology and did thrill him to use it this way.

Again he couldn’t help but bask in the brilliance of his wife. How did she even think to do this? But seeing his cock on the laptop that way had to be one of the most erotic and thrilling things he’d ever seen. The tightness in his balls slowly began to build and he knew he was on the cuff of chasing after his bliss. He looked at his beautiful wife and with his chest heavy he said to her, “Climbed back on my face. I want to taste you again.”

She did not have to be asked twice. She rushed over to him straddling his face, mashing her pussy against his lips. His tongue darted out looking between her folds and at the same pace that he licked her was the speed at which she ran the fleshlight up and down his hard-on.

When he would go faster, she would go faster. He would slow and  she would slow. She kept pace with him. Such a maddening tease which he loved every minute of. His back ached. He was in desperate need of release and knew exactly how to get it. He plunged his tongue deep into his wife and he licked her insides assuming that in response she would go faster but instead she did the exact opposite. Her hand went still. She was overwhelmed with the sensations that he was causing.

He didn’t know what to do. If he kept going she would finish without him but he stopped then she’d know why he had suddenly become so enthusiastic and might punish him by denying him has orgasm even longer. But what could he do?

In the end, he decided to be honest and slow down what was a frenzy just a few before. Much to his joy, his wife didn’t stop. Instead she started to run the fleshlight up and down his length though she still didn’t speed up.

She continued to go slow and made him work for every moment of bliss he felt. He was so close and yet he would never be able to come. He want to push her out the way and use his own hand so badly.

The last time he did that the next thing he knew he was handcuffed to the bed post. He knew better than to try that one again, so instead he slowly licked his wife’s clit as she stroked him to his bliss one torturous millimeter at a time. She had to know what she was doing and that both excited and irritated him.

At the same time, he was a man used to getting his way. But he liked that she refused to let him have his way. That’s what made her different from other people in his life. That’s what made her special. For her he would happily endure any hardship any discomfort and she knew that. She used that to turn their love life into a sweet torment that he couldn’t do without.

He drew a line of kisses across her thighs determined to take things slowly. She did and he knew that she was close too. He knew she was prolonging her own orgasm also.

“I’m watching it, you know?” she said. “Right now. You should see how much pre-come is leaking out of your cock. It’s so thick, it’s almost like you’re already coming.”

He groaned with frustration. Even though he may not be able to see it, he could certainly feel it and did not need the description. Maybe she had decided to show mercy on him. Maybe her own torment had become too much, but finally she started to move the toy up-and-down at a faster pace. The gripping sensation felt so good on his aching hardness that he lifted his hips from the bed to meet her every downward thrust with an upward thrust of his own at the same time. He doubled the tension he gave to her wetness licking her hard and fast, determined to get her off.

That must’ve really done it for her because she started moving the fleshlight up and down faster to the point where his toes began to curl and he felt as though he would explode. It took all his focus to keep pleasuring her as he was so close to the edge but he kept at it. Suddenly her body tensed as she started to orgasm but even through her pleasure she did not forget his. She kept going and very soon after he exploded jet after jet of his seed pouring from his cock. It was even better than the last time because she had teased him for so long that he’d been more worked up than he thought possible. And the way he came was evidence of his deep passion.

When his orgasm finally subsided, his wife crawled off his face and went over to the laptop. She clicked a few buttons and looked over him and said, “It’s saved.”

He gave a wistful smile. “Look forward to watching it later.”

She laughed shutting laptop and then crawling under the covers to snuggle against him. “I’m sure you will. Perhaps I can find some way to work the video into whatever we do next Thursday.”

He had barely gotten a chance to catch his breath and now she already had him fantasizing about what he would be doing in a week. His eyes narrowed as he looked at her. “You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you? You’re trying to see if you can get me hard again.”

She gave him a wicked smile. “Was I that obvious?”

He laughed up at the ceiling. “Little bit, yeah.”

She ran her finger down the slopes and rises of his muscular chest. “What can I say? I enjoy teasing you.”

He ran his fingers through her long hair, tilting up her head so he could plant a kiss on her lips. He kissed her long and deeply leaving her breathless. Her lips coated in her own honey. He pulled away. “And that’s just the way I like you.”

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