Sex In The Air

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I stared up at the sex swing hanging above me with a happy grin. I was smiling for two reasons. One, I actually managed to get the thing attached to the beams of my bedroom ceiling without falling on my head, and two, my husband Tyler would be home from work any minute. I knew he was having a rather stressful week, and I wanted to do nothing but help him relieve all that pent up stress.

The sex swing was purchased a few days ago, but I waited until Friday afternoon to put it up. Tyler wouldn’t have to worry about work the next day and we’d have all weekend to have fun with it. It worked out for everyone. Wearing nothing but a black, lace covered bra and matching panties, I sat myself on our bed, smiling when I heard the sound of his car in the driveway.

“Babe? You home?” He called out, but I wanted him to come to me so I kept my mouth shut. “Holly?”

I heard his footsteps getting closer and closer, and I pressed my thighs together in excitement, just thinking about all the fun we were about to have. He kept on calling out my name before he finally pushed the bedroom door open, a look of confusion on his face.

“There you are. I was calling you… What the hell is that?” He asked, taking in the sight of the sex swing in the middle of the room.

“It’s a little toy for us to have some fun with,” I said, standing up and walking over to him with slow, calculating steps. “I know how stressed you’ve been, baby. This whole week you’ve been looking so worried and annoyed, and I wanted something new for you to have fun with,” I said, coming up behind him and pressing my body up against his suit covered back. My hands wrapped around him, rubbing at his hard, toned chest and abs.

“You set this thing up by yourself?” Asked Tyler.

“Yup. I didn’t want you to do a single thing. Well, except fuck me of course,” I laughed into his shoulder.

Tyler tensed up underneath me, and he turned around, his green eyes looking down at me curiously. He looked so handsome in his suit and tie, but I wanted him out of it. I wanted him completely naked, cock out as he took me in the swing.

“You’re a naughty little thing,” he murmured, his eyes going up and down my body. I watched as he bit his lip as he looked at me, and I spun around, showing him my ass that was barely covered up and giving him a show. “Fuck, I’m a lucky man,” he hissed.

“You’re about to get luckier,” I grinned, my hands wrapping around his shoulders. “You can do anything you want to me.”

“You have no idea what saying that to me means,” Tyler smirked, his skilled hands reaching around to unclasp my bra. It fell to the floor and the cold air of the room hit my nipples. “Fuck, look at you,” said Tyler, pulling my bare tits against him, his hands sneaking into my underwear. He yanked them down and I stepped out of them as I moaned into his mouth, my hands tangling up in his dark hair. Tyler spanked at my ass, making me yelp and giggle in his arms, and I pulled away from him, guiding him to the swing.

“Let’s have some fun, honey,” I said, my hands running up and down the swing slowly. “You have me all to yourself now. No work, no stress, nothing to worry about at all.”

I positioned myself in the swing so I was lying face down it, my legs sticking out the other end. Tyler stepped closer, his hands running through my hair and his thumb gently tracing my bottom lip.

“All day I’ve been thinking about touching you,” I murmured, looking up at him with wide eyes, my hands playing with his belt buckle.

“Yeah? What else, baby?” He asked.

“I’ve been thinking about your cock in my mouth. Can I please suck your cock, Tyler?”

“Fuck,” hissed Tyler, his hands quickly moving to his belt.

He unbuckled it and zipped down his grey pants and black boxers, letting his hard, thick cock pop out. The tip of it smacked against my lips, and I laughed a little before wrapping my hand around him. Tyler groaned at my touch, his head leaning back when I licked at his wet, pink tip. I whimpered at the taste of him before wrapping my full lips around him, the swing having me in the best position to hover just by his cock. Tyler’s hands gripped at my hair, pulling my head back and forth with ease due to the swing. I moaned around him, my cheeks hollowing as I sucked at him, taking as many inches of his thick cock as I could.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” Tyler muttered. “Just like that.”

Tyler guided my head up and down his shaft, his eyes locked on mine as I swallowed his cock. I made sure to let as much spit as I could fall from my mouth, coating his cock in saliva. Gagging noises filled the air as Tyler’s long length met the back of my throat, and my eyes started to tear up. He looked at me, biting his lips and mumbling swear words, and when he pulled out my mouth, I made sure to run my tongue all the way from his balls and up to his tip. I swirled my tongue around his head and pressed soft kisses to it, before I ducked down and sucked at his heavy balls.

“Honey, honey, honey,” chanted Tyler, his grip getting tighter. “So fucking good.”

All I did was moan in response, my lips coming off his balls with a popping noise.

“How’s that stress feeling?” I asked with a grin.

“Still so, so stressed baby,” Tyler said, cupping my cheeks. “Are you gonna help me out some more.”

“Oh, of course,” I whispered, flipping my body around and stretching out. My legs were spread wide and the middle of the swing held up the rest of my body. My ass was a little lower to the floor now, but Tyler didn’t seem to mind. He pulled off his suit, my eyes eyeing his sexy body as he kneeled down to the carpet.

He licked at my pussy, sucking on my clit and getting me wet and ready for him. His long, skilled fingers pushed into my hole, causing me to let out a moan, my hands gripping the straps of the swing tight. His tongue pressed against my clit, and I spread my legs wider, showing Tyler what I was offering him. I wanted him to know he had absolutely every inch of me.

“Tyler, honey, just fuck me. Use me. Use my body. Do anything you want,” I said through gritted teeth. I knew he was trying to please me with his mouth, but all I wanted was for him to cum and cum hard. I wanted all of that frustration to disappear.

Gripping my thighs tight, Tyler inched in closer to me. He brought my legs up so they were resting on his shoulders, a sure sign he was going to fuck me good and hard. With the swing holding my entire body up, Tyler sunk his cock deep into me, thrusting every inch of his length into my pussy until he was balls deep.

“Oh, fuck,” he grunted. “So fuckin’ tight.”


Tyler immediately started pounding into my pussy, his thrusts hard and fast as he filled me up with every inch of him. His thick cock stretched me out good, and I felt every single vein on him, all the ridges that made everything that much better. I cried out and held onto the straps tighter, not wanting to change my position. I was in the perfect spot for Tyler to hit my sweet spot, and each time the tip of his long, skilled cock met it, I would let out a yelp much louder than the last.

Throwing my head back with a moan, Tyler kept up the pace, his cock pushing into me at just the right speed. His hands reached up and grabbed at my tits, both hands pinching at my nipples and just adding to the sensations I was feeling. I was unable to keep the screams out of my mouth, especially when I felt myself getting closer and closer.

“Gonna cum!” I managed to let out.

“Yes, baby,” Tyler encouraged, his dark eyes staring right into me, and with his thumb suddenly rubbing at my clit, I couldn’t control myself anymore. My body trembled, trying desperately to hold onto the straps as I yelled out Tyler’s name. He kept on fucking me, his cock still sliding in and out of me, pounding me hard and fast. The look on his face told me this was just what he needed to get all of his anger and annoyance out.

My orgasm seemed to last for ages, and my tight cunt clenched around Tyler, causing him to grunt and swear loudly. “Fuck, so good. So fucking good.”

Tyler reached down and cupped my ass, his nails digging into my skin as his fast pace suddenly slowed down. He seemed more occupied with the flesh in his hands, and I looked at him with a raised eyebrow when I finally got my breath back.

“Mm, honey, wanna fuck me from behind? Why don’t you take me like that?”

Tyler grinned, and it took a moment for me to swing my body around. I held onto the handle up the top, my round ass sitting comfortably in the swing. I arched my back, really showing off my ass, and Tyler hissed as I used one hand to spread my ass cheeks. He slapped my hand away and kneaded at the skin, roughly massaging my ass as he pulled me out further. He pressed his pink, swollen tip to my soaked hole and pushed into me, one hand in my hair as he fucked up into me hard and fast. His balls slapped against my slit, and I cried out with a scream each time he darted his cock into my aching hole.

Each thrust had Tyler grunting into my ear, his cock pounding into me harder than I thought possible. I stuck my ass out some more, and Tyler used his free hand to spank at the skin there.

“Fucking hell. Take my cock so good…” Muttered Tyler, groaning loudly and pulling at my hair some more. “Always take my cock so good.”

The swing had me ending over more and more, and Tyler’s cock was also taking a toll on me. I couldn’t hold myself up all the way, but that just meant I was sticking my ass out more, making it easier for Tyler to pound my cunt. He was relentless, and his loud grunts just showed me that he needed this release for a while now.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Gonna cum in this sweet pussy,” groaned Tyler, his grip in my hair tightening. He somehow managed to pick up even more speed and thrusted into me at a wild pace, his thick cock stretching me out and hitting my sweet spot again and again. I came loudly, my hands digging into the handle above me, and I felt Tyler suddenly pull out of me. I felt so empty without him in me, and I heard the distinct sounds of him jacking off, and he soon covered my ass in his thick, hot cum.

I was struggling to hold myself up, but Tyler grasped me by the hips, making sure I didn’t go toppling to the ground. I sighed happily as I felt him reach over and give me a soft kiss to my cheek.

“You feeling better now?” I asked.

“I’m gonna need to use this thing a few more times until I feel completely de-stressed,” he murmured against my skin.

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